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Clearly Herbal’s range of baby wipes are a natural and safe cleaning product for your child. May 18, 2012 by Laced Leave a Comment If you are pregnant during Winter you can look and feel bigger than you are, with big jumpers and trackies becoming at home essentials. Maternity jeans are something you will get a lot of wear out of during your pregnancy, they are so versatile and go with absolutely everything. These are leggings which look like jeans – they have stretch, they feel comfy and you can dress them up. I would use your colour here, the pictured example is that lovely coral colour which is in fashion right now. A dress like the Maternal America – Scoop Neck Front Tie Dress can be worn for day or night depending on your shoes and accessories.
Luckily for us, there are now more options for maternity wear than there used to be…this top is the ASOS Maternity Crochet Tunic and it is designed to stretch. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style, and even though you might not feel like it all the time – you look amazing!

Taking baby to Grandma’s house, to friends house for that dinner party or even on the families holiday is now that much easier with the folding bath that is Flexi Bath.
However, I am going to tell you it is OK to be that extra bit comfortable and opt for a pair of jeggings instead.
Danni Minogue wore a  pair of Seraphine Maternity Jeggings during her pregnancy and you can too. Use accessories such as a long necklace to brighten it up – enjoy wearing your jewels before your little one comes and they become confiscated toys! If you are anything like me, basic maternity tees will become a big part of your maternity wear especially if you don’t want to go crazy buying a whole new wardrobe. Your body temperature may be feeling a little hotter than normal so you may find you are wearing t-shirts during the day. Instead of refusing an invitation, have a go to dress for events so you don’t have to worry about what will fit.
Choose something that you can pair with a jacket or cardi and you will be receiving compliments in no time.

A self confessed beauty addict and lover of pretty things, the online magazine is her baby and passion.
Packs away to fit easily in the car and can be opened instantly and filled to create a safe and easy bathing solution.
Comes with user-controlled stream of water feature and water pressure control, nozzle selection with nozzle self-cleaning functions.
If you purchase a cardi that is a little looser and flowing you will even be able to wear it after pregnancy.

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