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When I texted this picture to my fellow Southern scribe Susan Rebecca White, she immediately texted back, “!!!! In my most recent novel, Backseat Saints,the narrator is a rural Southern Catholic girl, mostly in homage to O’Connor, and she references and even quotes O’Connor as she drives her hell bent, bullet-ridden way toward a bright red kind of redemption. Rose Mae Lolley did not come by her Flannery love by accident; it’s infectious, and she caught a bad case of it from me. The curator at the O’Connor house is a guy who rents the topmost floor and who has spent several years now working on a book in which Jehovah gets into cosmic trouble and hires an atheist lawyer to rep him.
That same relation also must have bought them this pram, as it is gilt-soaked, and was the Valco Baby Tri Mode of its day.
Later, she had pet chickens – always a bird girl, Flannery, even before her famous peacocks. You can see the actual Newsreel footage of Mary Flannery O’Connor and her backwards walking chicken here, complete with that famously billious asshat narrator who seems to have done every possible newsreel---and who emphasizes SO many words he might as well be saying BLAH BLAH BLAHHHHH BLAH. I visited the house in Florida where Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings wrote _The Yearling_, and of course Hannibal and Mark Twain's boyhood home .
But the big pilgrimage for me was visiting Charles Scribner's Sons publishing house in NYC for the first time. When in New York, I always go down to the Village to stand in front of 75? Bedford Avenue and wish it were open to the public. The docents may need to physically restrain me, lest I hop on stage and start channeling Lady MacBeth.
I've always been a fan of history and architecture and the contemporaries that recorded the mundane and the important parts of their lives for posterity. Oh my yes, I still remember pulling off the highway into Oxford, Mississippi, and breathing in the air, thinking, William Faulkner walked on this dirt, and blinking back tears.
I would advise not going in May unless you like sharing your day with dozens of class trips. The first and only time I drove West across the country, my friend and I designed our route so we could see as many Laura Ingalls Wilder sites as possible.
I had a similar feeling last summer at a small house-turned-museum in Amsterdam, in the tiny room, bare now except for the movie-star pictures cut out of magazines and still taped to the wall, where Anne Frank sat at the desk she'd had to fight to use (her roommate the dentist wanted it to himself) and wrote and revised her diary.
The first, wonderful, magical trip to Paris, I went to find the graves of Simone de Beauvoir, and her boy toy, Jean-Paul Sartre. Hawthorne's House of the Seven Gables, or rather the house on which the novel is based.

Uh-oh, Harley, I'd better tell my cousin to start writing--she has done the craziest things with animals! Carol Ryrie Brink was born in Moscow Idaho -- I regularly drive past one of the houses her family lived in. I toured the Frank Lloyd Wright house Falling Water and was struck by his genius and creativity, not to mention vision! The place I've visited that felt the most spectacularly sacred, though, was the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. As a huge Anne of Green Gables fan when I was growing up, I was ecstatic to finally be able to visit the Green Gables House on Prince Edward Island when I was an adult.
Because The Map of True Places is set across the street and one of the characters is a Hawthorne scholar, I was offered writing space at the House of Seven Gables to work on my novel. I also love The Old Manse in Concord because it was where Emerson, Thoreau, Bronson Alcott, Margaret Fuller, and sometimes Hawthorne held their discussions on Transcendentalism.
When I was in London, I made a point of going to Charing Cross Road and standing across the street from #84 so I could see the exact view that was on the back of my copy of Helene Hannff's book. Later on I got lost and inadvertently found myself wandering down some strange, back-alley sort of street, only to discover it was Baker Street, so I prowled around there for a while too. I was very fortunately allowed within the inner sanctum of Anne Rice's home on First Street in New Orleans. On the other hand, I was in Salem and saw the House of the Seven Gables and while it was interesting I felt quite removed from it despite having loved the book as a child.
I was also born in the same town as Tennessee Williams and they have moved the house(a parsonage) he was born in to the downtown area and turned it into a welcome center.
I have taken the train and driven to Hastings, Nebraska for a Willa Cather conference and to bask in Catherness in Nebraska - there is nothing like it!
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Potty training doesn't have to be hard or stressful, read our tips about potty training tips for boy girl twins quiz? They never did potty train, a very young child, she even taught one of them to walk backwards, her earliest claim to fame.
Who are your heroes, and have you ever gone to stand in a place they once occupied, just to see if the air might taste richer there? You get to see all his inventions and designs, including placing his bed in an alcove between two rooms, so he could get out of bed into either his bedroom or his office.

There they have the Pfeiffer-Hemingway House where the Pfeiffers (Hemingway's sometime in-laws) lived.
Monticello, Mount Vernon and Williamsburg are all places I love to visit and savor walking along the same floors and streets Jefferson, Washington, and even the wigmakers and milliners in the 18th century once did. Sinai might also count as a literary site, since I read the Ten Commandments at dawn from the top. I hate to say, but Ye Olde Pepper Candy Companie - with HOMEMADE MAPLE WALNUT FUDGE - across the street, makes me insanely jealous! The list of stage and film stars who have graced the small theater in that home is simply astounding. I can just see him sitting in the little swivel chair at the desk, peering out the little square, cloudy window across the lawn where the Patriarch of the Pfeiffer family paid locals to repaint his rather large house over and over and over to help without giving charitable offense during the Depression just because he had the money and not because his house needed painting. When I worked for a congressman on Capitol Hill, I'd poke all around the basement and each floor of the Capitol thinking about the famous and not-so-famous people who once paced in those same corridors and what events played out there. She is a volunteer and will be registering new US Citizens to vote right after they are sworn in as US Citizens.
It killed me to watch my cheery little daughter burbling innocently about living in silence and eventually dying. Any chance of getting some of that, instead of a roast beef sandwich, instead of fried clams?
On my trip to England, I was so thrilled to see and actually touch Roman-constructed walls and Norman-built castles, like the Tower of London and Windsor Castle, and see streetscapes and landscapes described in stories I'd read throughout my life. There is a sense of place when you are in the court room where slaves were deemed to always be slaves no matter where they lived and you realize that slave auctions once happened on the the front steps.
Montgomery's books until they fell apart, I shared them with my sisters and my best friend, and then read them all over again.
It is fun and if you are looking for Twain other than Tom Sawyer and the Connecticut Yankee, that's the place.
And one of the best bits of the experience was that I got to share it with my mother who first introduced me to Anne's books.

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