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Spectacular Kids provides consultations to parents who would like more guidance and insight on ABA techniques and principles. Dwarf ParentsLife doesn't come with instructions, but as an LP, every little road sign helps. Research ideas for equipment by trying them in stores, going to friends houses, and getting input from other parents with children with dwarfism.  Not all forms of dwarfism fit the same needs. Here are some of the adaptive equipment our son has at school. Some of them have been with him since he was 2 years old at Early Intervention pre-school.

My son with achon will be attending a private Christian school, which does not receive any government funding. We hope this blog helps LP parents of LP and AH kids as well as parents of LP's as a map of products and information.
I was told we were asking for to much for my son, who only has a chair cushion, a step stool and a personal care aid to assist with transitioning up and down stairs, and during fire drills because he was being pushed down stairs and cannot move as quickly as the other students. I was in shock to hear someone felt I was hindering him by giving him access to his educational environment and providing teacher requested safety precautions .

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