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Yeah, I got the same looks and questions about why I think it’s necessary to potty a train a then 13 month old. There’s really no correct age to potty train your child many believe that by 2-3 years of age is the more appropriate age, but why do you want to wait when they’ll have more free will to do what they want and not what you want?
It’s important to teach them when they need to pee, poop and indicate to you when they need to do so. I messed up the training process when I didn’t take her potty to PA and Z took a few steps backwards.

Although she doesn’t really communicate in words or actions such as touching her butt for poop or touching her front for pee we are getting there.
When she needs to poop she cries for some odd reason or will go hide somewhere and grunt where I then run to to get her to the toilet! The big people toilet didn’t ease her nerves either so just try to take her toilet whenever you go away.
Yesterday she indicated pee and touched her front part to show me she had to go, so that’s a huge step!

I clap and constantly build her self-esteem of being a big girl and will give her an animal cracker.
Mom to my two-year old Buddha Belly and newborn Gunner Patrick with a boytoy on my arm and a unique perspective to share.

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