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Here are some simple tips, strategies and pointers you must keep in mind while trying Dog Crate Training because if you do the training right the first time then it saves you and your dog all the effort. To avoid issues such as dog crate training whining, the crate should be located in a place where the dog in training can still see and hear its owners.
These type can be collapsed down and transported quite easily, therefore, the wire style is my personal choice. They come in various sizes to fit all dogs (even Irish Wolfhounds) the tallest dog in the World.
I have now started stocking and selling these crates and puppy playpens. which are British made and are of superior quality, guaranteed for the lifetime of your dog.
This is the only crate designed and manufactured in the UK,  I have to say it shows in the quality and finish. My treats such as Bulls Pizzles, Calves Hooves, and Beef jerky are brilliant for puppies and adult dogs, they are especially great for teething. Though not necessary for crate training, it is extremely helpful for many other training situations, including walking to heel, nipping, jumping up, sit stay, recall and barking etc. An Odour EliminatorYou can buy a commercial one or mix one part white vinegar to four parts water or I use biological washing liquid or powder which breaks down the fatty acids and proteins and removes the smell.
To overcome this problem I recommend using a playpen to allow the puppy room to move about  outside the crate and  to allow it to play.
Your first rule on toilet training is when your puppy or untrained dog is not supervised, he or she should be in the crate. Never use the crate as punishment, If you want to have a naughty place for dogs then see my article called The Alpha Myth near the end you will see the naughty step for dogs. As mentioned above I sell treats for training and for long lasting treats to help teething and teeth cleanliness It is believed that a dog is most upset during the first hour after an owner leaves. It makes better sense to train your dog to eliminate on command, especially if you must. lead walk him.
The Instructive Reprimand Each time you take your dog outside say, "Outside" or whatever word you want. There is a device called a pee pole which is a pheromone impregnated device that is supposed to aid toileting. There are three main types of dog crate; the wire cage, the travel carrier and soft crates made of fabric.
These are generally simple, wide mesh cages that are open on all sides and the top, with a solid removable tray at the bottom and one or two large doors (basically a whole side of the crate that is hinged). Travel carriers are generally much smaller than the standard wire cage and are primarily designed for travelling with your dog. Soft crates made out of heavy duty fabric and are a nice option for dogs that don't have significant issues with chewing but because of this aren't generally recommended for most puppies.
Travel carriers made of soft materials rather than ridged plastic are also becoming more popular and are a good alternative. The well sized training crate will allow the dog to stand up and turn round without being restricted but won't have excess room beyond this. Many dog owners are hesitant in incorporating the use of dog crates in training their pets. Whining is a common problem during the initial days of the entire dog crate training schedule, but as long as they feel comfortable with their place, they begin to adjust to the new environment. As previously emphasized, progress among dogs undergoing training vary depending on various factors.
A Crate Also known as a kennel or carrier (you see them at airports because they are approved for flight) They are either plastic with wire windows, or are all wire. All cages and playpens feature a high-quality electroplated finish, to ISO9002 standards, which ensures rust resistance and ease of cleaning and safety. If your dog lived in the woods it would seek out a den where it could sleep and be secure, free from predators and interference. If your dog is injured or needs an operation, the first thing a Vet will do is put him in a crate, If he has never been crate trained that will be really traumatic.

If your dog breaks a leg or has cruciate ligament or hip problems he will need  a secure place to stay in a crate to stop the dogs moving about further injuring the affected area.
It works almost the opposite of a clicker which tells the dog when it has done something right.
Dogs will rarely soil their own beds therefore if you fill the crate with something like Vet-Bed which can be washed regularly in the washing machine and dries very quickly. They are impregnated with what I believe is horses urine, to stimulate the puppies to over mark on them.
A Playpen has the added benefit of controlling him when he is teething and learning toilet training. By this, I am not suggesting that you lock your dog in a crate day in day out or for long lengths of time.  other than overnight. Place the dog in the crate, give a food reinforcement (a treat) and lock it. Wait 15 seconds and then release the dog and praise.
The Calves Hooves or Bulls Pizzle becomes the centre of the dog's attention for an hour or so while he chews away on them.
When you return home, remove the Hoof or Pizzle from the dog's crate, exchanging it for a Sprat or Beef jerky.  After a week or so the dog will not worry about "Where's my owner going?" but will think "Where's my Chew?"Establish Meal PeriodsIf you feed and water your dog on a schedule, your dog will eliminate on a schedule.
Soon he will learn what outside means Then, if the dog inappropriately urinates inside in your presence, say "Outside" and take him to "his spot". I have had mixed responses to this aid, with some dogs it works well, particularly if you want them to go in a particular spot. For crate training, the wire cage is by far the most common all round solution but each type of crate has its own advantages. The benefits of this type of crate is that they allow a lot of light and air circulation and when the dog is inside it can still remain connected with family life because it can see what's going on. They can be used for crate training but do not offer such good ventilation and visibility as the wire crate and as your dog grows you will probably need to upgrade to a larger carrier. There are lots of different styles in this category of crate and many are very comfortable, well designed and a lot more homely than wire crates. However, as mentioned above, if you intend to fly with your dog you need to ensure that you have an IATA approved carrier which will generally restrict you to the more robust, hard plastic type. Too small and your dog will obviously not be comfortable and is likely to become stressed but too large and it will not be as effective as a house training aid.
As mentioned above, wire crates that come with adjustable internal dividers are the perfect solution for growing puppies and if you know or find out your dog's likely fully grown size, it's possible to buy an adjustable crate that can stay with your dog forever. The images on this page are only to illustrate the different styles of dog crate available, it is not intended to imply that they are the correct size for the dogs depicted.
However, with proper preparation and the right understanding about this method of dog training, dog crate training problems may be well avoided.
If you come across certain dog crate training issues then you can look them up online but if you follow these tips diligently you shouldn’t come across any problems. In order to minimize dog crate training problems, allow your dog to get used to its new den gradually. Thus, it also highly depends on your strategies in training, as well as the capability of your dog to follow instructions. It is also great for just time out when your pup will seek out his den to settle in for a bit of peace and quiet. I use mainly dried sprats especially indoors,  and fish4dogs star treats outside For a longer lasting treats, I import all natural treats  that are air dried rather than cooked. The Jingler tells it when it has done something wrong.  The repetition of the jingle and either a change of direction or a command conditions your dog so that it associates the noise with the command. Put newspaper outside of the crate in the playpen on if the dog is in a utility room or kitchen.
Therefore increasing the likelihood of them continuing to toilet indoors. It is also a good idea to cover the crate with a blanket, they also sell ready made covers.

Never let the dog out if he is noisy, you be reinforcing the crying behaviour, making it far harder to overcome the toileting problems. Hearing voices or music will help your dog calm down, and not feel alone, therefore giving a sense of security.
At the end of the meal period, remove the food whether or not the dog has eaten unless instructed otherwise by your veterinarian.
If your dog fails to eliminate in 5 minutes, take him inside, crate him for 15 minutes,  then try again. With other dogs I find they pull them up and chew them, therefore, they are useless in that circumstances. Importantly, this type of crate often comes with a divider panel that allows you to adjust the size, take a look at the section below for more information on crate sizes. The good thing about them is that they make travelling both safe and easy because your dog is already accustomed to the carrier and will positively delight in being able to take his home along on any journey!
We'd recommend this option for older dogs that are already used to crates but may have out grown their original training crate. The key is to buy a crate that is small enough that your dog can't psychologically separate it into a part it uses as a toilet and a part it sleeps in. The most common question that most dog owners often wonder about is regarding the dog crate training size they need to use for their dog. In order for the dog to get used to the new living condition, gradually place familiar objects and treats into the crate and encourage your dog to go inside and play with the toys or enjoy the treat. In the same way that you want to live in a very comfortable home, make sure that your dog feels comfortable with its crate. Regardless of the length of time, you need to exercise patience as some dogs are just naturally stubborn. To keep your possessions safe, and the pup away from harm such as electric cables or other dangerous objects. Metal crates are also collapsible to fold flat, making them easier to move and (depending on the size of your dog, crate and vehicle) can also be used for travelling.
If you intend to take your dog on a flight in a travel carrier, you should ensure that it is IATA approved otherwise your dog may not be allowed to board the aircraft. It's important to get this right from the very beginning as once bad behaviour patterns are allowed to establish, they are very difficult to correct. Under 12 weeks 4 meals a day after 12 weeks 3 meals until either 6 months or the puppy drops the middle feed whichever is the sooner,  Single or double meals for adult dogs. This also helps to discourage picky eating habits.Place Your Dog On CommandsMany dog owners inadvertently teach their dogs to eliminate indoors. Make sure that there’s room space which is enough for your dog to stand and change position.
Later on, when the dog is used to going inside the crate and realizes it is not going to get harmed, you can start leaving the dog in the dog crate at night. However, during the entire process, think of the advantages you and your dog will gain at the end of the training period. Thinking about the positive effects will motivate you even more to pursue with this special type of Dog Crate Training method.
Make sure to follow up right away the next morning so that your dog does not get worried about being left alone. Even with this type of training, your dog should still get the beneficial activities it deserves, like playing and walking around freely so ensure there regular walks and play time is scheduled while conducting this training.

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