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Top 10 Tips for Potty Training: Compiled by our Potty Time Contributors, a quick list to get you started!
Potty Training 101: In this list of tips, our wonderful Signing Time fans share their thoughts on what worked best for them. 4 Decisions to Make Before You Start Potty Training There are many methods and philosophies on how to potty train.
Make sure you are giving lots of praise and positive reinforcement just for sitting on the potty even if he doesn’t go.

My daughter the older on is almost there she goes on the potty and toilet having difficulties right now with number two.
You want to make sure she is not physically uncomfortable with eliminating or possibly afraid of having what she sees as a part of herself swirl down the drain. My son the younger one knows about the potty where it is located and sometimes wants to sit on there usually right before bedtime. You can move to reinforcements for actually going once he is at least trying on a regular bases.

He goes to school for two days a week only for 2 and half hours and I send him there with a pullup on. Any suggestions as to what else I may be able to do to try and get my daughter fully trained by this September she will be attending Kindergarten because she will be 5.

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