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Would you like to read another story?My puppy is smarter than I am and I don’t want to admit it.I slept in a dog kennel last nightHelp!
July 26, 2012 34 Comments I feel kind of crazy writing a post about potty training your puppy, Pearl, but if I can help other doggy mommies out there, then I guess this post is worth it. We got Pearl in February (she was 2 months old) and it’s taken us until July to potty train her.
We used the grass for about a month, and decided that it was time to take her outside only. You are the only person who will know when your puppy is ready to move on to the next phase.
ALSO, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award for upcoming bloggers with less than 200 followers. Moi repete egalement ces expres ensuite ces lexeme lequel m’envoient mes 3 guides (2 hommes puis 1 dame). I surprise how much effort you place to create this type of excellent informative web site.
Hi friends, how is everything, and what you would like to say on the topic of this piece of writing, in my view its truly remarkable in support of me. I am not suggesting your information is not good, but what if you added a headline that grabbed people’s attention? Potty training realization: C is several months older than T was when he was potty trained.
Day 3 of potty training: While C is wearing just pull-ups in the living room, I watch as pee rockets out of the leg with the intensity of a water cannon.
Day I-have-lost-count-plus-one: He is the only child in the world not motivated by a bribe of M&Ms.
Day I-have-lost-count-plus-three: After he has been holding it for four hours while wearing Star Wars underwear, I finally cajole C into peeing on the potty.
If your puppy will not pee or poop outside and you know it has to go, put it in a kennel when you get back in the house, or keep it beside you and watch it like a hawk watches a mouse.

When Pearl came home with us, we decided that potty pads were the way to go (for a little while).
We thought it might make the thought process a little bit easier on her to go from pad to real grass, so we tried these out. Our kitties were litter box trained when we got them, though they did have a couple accidents as kittens. C has shown no interest in anything toilet-related, although his classmates are rapidly joining the ranks of underwear-wearers.
At a little more than 2-and-a-half, T informed me he no longer wanted to pee in his diaper. The puppy would rather do its business inside a warm house than outside in the rain and cold. Then, after many, many years, my dogs passed away and after that, my parents got another dog, Molly. We put a potty pad by the back door of our apartment and made sure that she always went on the pad. Even if she was in her crate 20 minutes (like while I took a shower) or 2 hours, as soon as she was out of her crate, she was taken outside.
It took us some time (mainly because Pearl wasn’t even tall enough to reach the bottom bell), but now she rings her bells every time she wants out! He grabs several squares of toilet paper and carefully wipes his scrotum, studiously avoiding his penis. And how incredibly disgusting and messy it is when he runs to the bathroom moments after he has pooped (before I know it has happened) and manages to spread said poop all over the place?
He pees in the toilet once; I only know because I run into the bathroom after him and discover him mid-act. Several hours later I tell him he can wear underwear to the pizza joint around the corner for lunch if he pees again.
If you are not paying attention and the dog pees, it will be on linoleum and not on carpet. So there were boards put up on all the doors going from the kitchen to the other rooms, (we had to step over the boards when we left the kitchen), if she peed on the linolium it could be cleaned up, on the hardwood it would leave a stain.
I’m not going to lie- she had a LOT of accidents at this point, and this lasted about 2 months. We just took her out a lot whenever we felt she probably had to go and praised her a LOT with treats when she went.

My friend catches him behind my car, leaning against it with one hand peeing with a big turd dangling between his legs.
He will wear them with pride and convince legions of college students that they should do the same. When you & Neal woke from your naps the dog would get so excited it would pee all over your cloths. I love her to pieces, but she never learned to potty train and my parents have had to spend lots of money on potty pads and lots of time mopping.
We invested in the adult pads (Petco brand) because they were thicker and larger, so she had more room to choose where to go. At first the smell wasn’t bad, and I would clean her grass patch twice a week (her pee was still little by then) but then it got so bad that we were having to wash it every other day.
C is not going to quickly potty train, because he is one of the most stubborn humans I have ever come across. The grass patches usually have 3 layers to them, and we would SCRUB them outside with soap and a broom but even after it was washed, it would still stink. We also started crating her for short periods of time at first and slowly increased the length of time she was in her crate. Do not allow the dog to sit in front of the television watching sports or soap operas all day. The two of you were potty trained but then our new puppy was far too excited when he saw you.
I put a potty pad underneath the grass patch (in between the layers) so it wouldn’t be too big of a mess, but it was horrible.
Dogs don’t like to mess in their crates, so this was very helpful in having us teach her to hold her potty. Bathroom breaks will become a thing of the past, upping productivity of all contributing members of society!" Maybe he's onto something.

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