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At this point in a dog’s life, they are carefree and they see everything only they can which is beautiful — which means they have not fully developed the ability to control their bowel and bladder. Dog potty training tips can be found everywhere and all of these are based on other dog owners who have their share of experiences in potty training. The ultimate goal here is to let them learn to control their pee until they find their spot in the house where they can do that. Keep track of the places he pooped and make sure at this point, you already have a designated spot for them.
When you are home though, you can do the same only that you will have more time to interact with them and notice certain behaviors when they feel like peeing or pooping. Potty training dogs doesn’t have to become a daunting experience assuming that one is familiar with the best training methods and implements them on a consistent basis. If you want to speed up the potty training dogs process you have to create an isolated living area for your dog.
When potty training dogs you must remember that dogs have to relieve themselves soon after they have finished eating (within the first 20 minutes). The easiest way to make potty training dogs slower is to scream or hit your pet as a form of punishment.
Check out the Dog Training section above where we cover some of the most important facts about potty training dogs you need to know! Especially puppies where they become hyperactive, they eat more and they tend to think that they can just do their business anywhere.
This can sometimes be a problem especially if you like your home to smell good and not have pee or poop lying all over the place. Dogs respond very positively to treats and it has been proven that this is your secret weapon when you start to train them.

Puppies poop every 30-45 minutes except when they are asleep so an entire day of potty training will really help. Since they are confined to a small space that gives them limited space to eliminate their waste. This will make potty training a whole lot easier since you will have enough time and space to do so. It will give you the heads up you need in order for them to understand what it means to stay in your household.
It is important to know that your furry friend must relieve himself on the floor several times before he realizes that it’s not necessarily the best way to please you. Dogs are naturally den creatures and they’re not going to soil their new home as it plays an important role in their everyday life. This way he’ll get used to eliminating outside the house and will link this procedure with one particular word. You can use this information to your advantage and arrange the meals regularly so that you know when to take your four legged friend outside. Not only will your furry friend become confused as to what you expect of him but also stressed about the whole situation. Always remember to mind your tone since puppies need to learn to trust you so that you can trust them in return.
This will also help the puppy or dog build its “den” and give it enough time to remember once he is out of the crate that there is only a specific place where it will pee or poop.
This should be easy for the dog to remember and must not have any obstructions surrounding it at all. It may play with it, scribble them into pieces but it will also understand eventually this is where it needs to eliminate its waste.

It will also impose the kind of discipline that it can carry out for the rest of his dog years. So arm yourself with a good amount of patience and housecleaning liquids and utilize the tips on potty training dogs I laid out below to achieve the best results FAST! This is an effective technique to force your pet to learn to handle his physiological mechanisms. That way you will save yourself a lot of time and nerves on cleaning the mess that your pet left on the carpet. Instead, be patient and consistent with implementing the tips on potty training dogs given above and get hold of cleaning liquids because your pet will have to relieve himself inside your home several times in order to fully grasp that it is not exactly what you want him to do. Eventually, you get it out of the crate and you put it back in there when it starts to show that it likes to take a dump. At first, you will have so much paper scattered across the place but as time goes by you will only need less of it since the dog will already understand the purpose of having paper. Make sure you establish a level of authority to your dog and make sure it knows that you are not just its friend but you are the owner as well.
One that will help them to become better and for your house to become safe, smell-free and poop-free. Always praise your dog if he does his job in the desired location in order to reinforce the good habit. The dog needs to understand that you are in charge and will take charge of them at all times.

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