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At around twenty-four months language development takes off at such a high speed, especially as your child is getting ready to celebrate his second birthday.
By twenty-four months, most toddlers will say fifty words or more, use phrases, and are able to put together two to three word sentences. They take joy in the ability to understand direction, and keep an eye on your adorable child as he attempts to give some of his own. There are lots of ways to train your potty train your puppy, but it is very important to start early so you can build a foundation.
One of the most important parts of the training is setting up a schedule.  Both you and your puppy will know when it’s time to go outside. Give your puppy meals on a regular schedule so you can take your puppy outside after eating.  But always check with your veterinarian it’s alright for your puppy to eat food all day.

Be sure to take your puppy outside when he wakes up from a nap and always lead your puppy outside with a leash. Do not forget to praise your puppy every time she relives herself outside.  Do it immediately after your puppy relieves and do not wait to be back in the house.
Shiba inu puppies are brave, lively and affectionate, and make good companions for toddlers.
A scared dog may seem to be a no-threat to most people, but actually most dogs are most dangerous if they feel scared or threatened. At this age children are able to logically understand more of what is said to them and have an increased desire to express themselves trough words and gestures.
You have a new member of the family, the joy of having a new puppy also comes with a responsibility and of them is to give your puppy toilet training or popularly known as potty training.  Putting your puppy into a toilet training is difficult but a job that must be done by every puppy owner.

They are very active and make great alarm dogs, but tend to demand much attention from their owners.
There is really no time frame for you to successfully potty train puppy, by having a routine from the time you bring them home and be consistent on it you will be on your way.
The dog may become troublesome, resistant to commands, destructive of furniture and the like.

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