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Post ReviewCurrently, there are no reviews available.People who bought this also bought:Guess That Shape And Color DVDYou're invited to play a shapes guessing game with Elmo and Zoe and their friends! She also understands that there are many words that describe pee, potty, poop, toilet, etc. It seems it is a fun way to compliment the infomation and routines we are teaching her. Not Appropriate (Nov 25, 2009) Reviewer: Stormy My 17 mo son really likes the beginning with Elmo, but the trip to the dim lit TP factory he couldn't care less about, and really what toddler would? When Emily Perl Kingsley, a writer on Sesame Street, had a son with Down syndrome in the 1970s, Sesame Street became a pioneer in casting children with Down syndrome and other disabilities. This is a great video for children who are in the process of toilet learning.  It features favourite characters from Sesame Street, songs, and fun lessons on how to use the potty. If you know of any children’s videos that feature kids with special needs, please share in the comment section below! Create a positive potty time experience for your child with Elmo, Baby Bear, Grover, and other Sesame Street friends with Elmo's Potty Time! Join him at the biggest number lovers’ convention of the year, Numeric Con, taking place on Sesame Street. Elmo, Grover, Abby, and Cookie secretly nominate Count von Count as The World's Greatest Counter.

The video's geared toward older children that should be using the potty already, so unless you want to confuse and bore your child, I'd look into another video. This amusing and song-filled DVD teaches children that everone - mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, and even monsters - has to learn how to use the potty.
Elmo and Leela, who are excited fans who have dressed up as The Dark Nine and Princess Three-ah have a plan to take in all the sights.
When the Nobel Counting Prize committee arrives to give him the prestigious award, the Count is nowhere to be found! Your child will learn that accidents are okay and that it takes time and practice before he can use the potty on his own. When numerical problems arise at the con, watch Elmo as he harnesses the powers of math to solve them, save the day and show everyone that numbers are super! Join your Sesame Street friends as they count about different math concepts and celebrate the Count and his love of counting!more >Preschool Is Cool: ABCs with Elmo DVDIn "ABCs with Elmo," Grover acts as the preschool teacher, Professor Grover, and Elmo is his helper for today’s alphabet lesson!
Join everyone's favorite furry monsters in this video that teaches shapes, colors, and healthy eating.
Everyone's favorite furry red friend is joined by all kinds of kids to play Elmo Says, Red Light Green Light, Freeze Dance, Pat-a-cake and more.

But Before Professor Grover begins class, he instructs his students, with his classic Grover charm, to find one thing that begins with each letter of the alphabet.
Featuring alphabet themed stories and songs, early literacy skills are reinforced while kids become familiar with letter-sound relationships. Come along with Elmo and his friends as they relive some of their favorite moments from Sesame Street. Whether he's performing a rousing dance number, explaining the difference between light and heavy, singling silly songs or clowning around with special guest star Whoopi Goldberg, Elmo's antics are sure to make you smile! From Alicia Keys to the Dixie Chicks, Andrea Bocelli, Adam Sandler and more, this DVD will get your child moving!

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