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Here are a few pieces of advice from BabyCenter Facebook community who have been there, done that and lived to tell. Take cues from your child and not just the age that everyone else is potty training their children. What worked for my son was putting his potty in my living room, putting on his favorite movie and have him sit on the potty while watching the movie. Potty train with Pampers Easy Ups- they protect against leaks better than Huggies Pulls-Ups*. Anyone else notice this “advise board” is basically saying to keep them in diapers as long as possible, and it just so happens to be sponsored by a diaper company? Ok my daughter will be 4 in October and is still in diapers because she refuses to even go anywhere near the 4 pottys I have for her.

Also long before he was actually ready we read potty books and he watched some things like Elmo’s potty DVD, and we talked about it so he was familiar with it.
This is a big step for them and yelling and punishing them the whole time isn’t going to make it go any faster. Don’t freak out when you hear other children that are younger than yours starting to potty train. After about two weeks of not doing a thing he just got up and peed on the potty and refused to pee anywhere else!
I have tried every thing encluding the seven ideas mentioned here and we are just now having some success, as long as he doesn’t get to caught up in play and completely forgets about the potty and has accidents. I really do believe it is up to the child… And if that means I have a five year old still having accidents so be it I guess.

Luckily she never pooped in her pull ups again, but it took a long time to get her fully potty trained. When we were kids we were trained by 18 months and by 3 we were riding bikes and climbing trees.

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