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Alarms or as they are more commonly known Bedwetting Alarms are providing relief for this age old problem. For all NHS & Corporate Purchasing please contact us on 0845 3454226 or via our contact form. Malem Enuresis Alarms have loud sounds specifically selected for their effectiveness at waking children.

A tamper proof selection switch can be easily set to sound(s) only, sound(s) and vibration or vibration only. Ergonomically designed smart, colourful, compact (53 x 50 x 17mm), lightweight (53g including 2 x AAA batteries) with all the advanced features and advantages of the world famous Malem Alarms. They are well constructed, durable, glow when sounding or vibrating and have a choice of safety pin and a reliable clip.

The switch is located inside the battery compartment to prevent accidental or unintentional switching.

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