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DearKristy, It is hard to tell why she will not go on the potty; and all the events you have described could certainly contribute towards making matters more difficult. We had been trying for 6 mos to potty train my 3 yr-old and those funky seat on the seat things just weren't working.
These disposable toilet seat covers will act as a germ barrier between your child and the eight jillion people who have used the toilet before. Rushing through the mall (or worse, being on the road and stopping at a gas station) and all of a sudden your 3-year-old tells you she has to pee.
The sticky underside guarantees that (unlike the ones provided by some restrooms) the sanitary seat cover will stay in place.

Meanwhile, you'd rather give yourself 417 paper cuts than set her bottom anywhere near that filthy public toilet. Here are some tips and suggestions on a method that just might work.31 Jan 2008 Penny Crane is a mother of three young boys . Then once you know what the issue is, you can help and guide your child to conquer the fear through play and imagination. Potty Training Concepts has great customer serivce and contacted Bemis who promptly sent wrong hardware again.
I love that I can use the toilet in my daughter's bathroom without having to move a portable toilet seat with steps.

I had already contacted hardware stores and knew you cannot get the hardware from anyone but Bemis.

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