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This personalized potty training story helps children become comfortable with using the potty, as his or her parents give encouragement along the way!
Steve and I had big plans for the Christmas break but it had nothing to do with parties, trips away or gifts… we were preparing ourselves for toddler toilet training. This toilet training business is messy but over time we’ve figured out a way to streamline our defence and keep some order to our bathroom.
Only designated bathtub toys are allowed in the bathroom, all others (including books) are banned… lets just say I learnt the hard way.
He still wasn’t doing a poo on the potty so we upped our game again, one dinosaur for every poo on the potty. I’d taken a photo of the new dinosaurs on my phone when they arrived and Aidan loved the picture so I printed it out on the computer and popped it in an old Ikea square frame and hung it by his bed. Sometimes there is a downside to being sent products to trial, sometimes you fall in love with them like I did with Burts Bees Baby Bee.
Baby Bee Buttermilk Lotion – Every night after his shower he has a dreamy massage, he loves them. Baby Bee Diaper Ointment – Thick like Sudocream but way better, I get his daycare to use this instead if needed.
Stingoze – When he gets bitten by mozzies he has an allergic reaction and the liquid medication only does so much. Our power bill got too high to keep using the Bum Genius cloth nappies so we switched to disposables awhile ago. We are in the beginning stages of TT with BuBba and whilst he loves wearing his undies, he is still strongly resisting the potty. Flynn turned 2 on Dec 27th and we started potty training on New Years Day – so far, no success.
I really wasn’t prepared for the time and patience it would take in all honesty, I was just an optimistic, over enthusiastic new Mumma.

The potty is lightweight but quite sturdy and doesn’t tip over even when Aidan leans over whilst sitting. I thought it would be difficult  but I stood my ground and now Aidan knows, even when he takes himself to the bathroom that he doesn’t take toys with him. I didn’t want to use food as a reward and he had the memory of a goldfish when it came to stickers. We started off with one dinosaur every time he did a big wee on the potty (trickles didn’t count), after three days he had it down pat so we upped our game.
I thought we’d just switch during winter but even during summer the hot washes were killing us especially as he started to mirror our diet. You can find them in bookshelves, by the tv, napping on pillows, along the hallway and on windowsills.
All gifts have been declared within the post and I was not required to link to them in any way, I just love the products and wanted to share as they are relevant to the content discussed. I’m a bit frusturated as i thought we would have had at least one wee in the potty by now but nothing yet. COMMERCIAL OR PRIVATE USE WITHOUT EXPLICIT WRITTEN CONSENT IS PROHIBITED AND PUNISHABLE THROUGH US AND WORLDWIDE COPYRIGHT LAWS; THIS APPLIES TO ALL CREATIVE ELEMENTS, INCLUDING PHOTOGRAPHY, GRAPHICS, AND WRITTEN CONTENT.
I wouldn’t say the practice was a waste of time, we all learnt a lot and I guarantee 100% that it had a positive effect resulting in a seamless transition and I would do it again if we were lucky enough to have another child. He likes to have a rug under his feet so I bought an extra bathmat (Target, incase you were wondering) just for him. Steve and I locked eyes on one another and just smiled knowingly, another step forward and we’d made it together. His tallboy is currently being fixed and all his clothes are in open shelving so he has easy access to everything.
I didn’t rush the kids into potty-training, kind of waited until I thought they were ready. After the first unsuccessful week i’ve put him straight in undies so he can see how uncomfy they are when he wets them but so far he either just wets the undies or waits til he has a nappy on.
It’s great for isolating any accidents and I can just pop it in the washing machine rather than continually mopping the floor.

When he does a poo I can wipe his bum and then just pop the dirty wipe straight in the toilet.
We did that for a couple of days and he was disappointed he didn’t get one on the first day but it made him try harder on the second day. Steve ordered a bag of 72 tiny dinosaurs off Amazon for $7 to restock our stash so I think we’ll be set for awhile.
With very few words and clear pictures the little baby and it’s stuffed toy friends all follow the bedtime routine of packing away toys, having a bath, brushing teeth, going potty etc together.
Everyday he picks out his own outfit and now it’s even more exciting as there is one more thing he can select. The Forsiktig Stool ($6.99) is a great height for Aidan to stand up at the toilet and wee like Dadda or to climb onto the toilet lid to flush away his poos. Once Aidan is clean he helps me tip the potty contents into the toilet and I wipe down the potty with a flushable bathroom cleaner wipe (Aldi), pop that in the toilet too and then Aidan climbs up and flushes it.
In less than three days he was dry all day and using the potty, only wearing a nappy when sleeping or out and about in public. It’s great for crazy evenings to remind him he has things to do and that we need his help to do them. His sister was dry during the day earlier, but needed a pull-up at night until she was nearly 4.
After he fell asleep I popped back into his room and put a thick towel underneath him for my own piece of mind (it’s raining today so not great for laundry) then crossed my fingers and let him be. Out of all the designs, colours and disney characters he chose a pack of five black jocks with colourful elastic waist bands from Rio.

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