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We had all kinds of troubles because both toilets in our house have elongated seats, and everything we tried to put on our seats slid around and made our toddler very nervous.
I understand what the one poster was saying about the "adult" seat being a bit more narrow than normal - perhaps it is, a *little* more narrow, but it doesn't bother any of the adults in our house in the least.
It is insanely simple to install (I'm a *big* ole girl and I was able to do it in 5 mins.), and it looks great. I'm actually back to this site writing this review and buying another for our second bathroom.
I would caution you not to stand on the closed seat though to reach high-up items, like you might on a traditional porcelain seat.

We have it on both toilets in our house and it's been great for us and our now 4.5 year old son.
We've had it more than 6 months now and it's so seamlessly integrated into our life now that the only time I remember it's not a regular toilet seat is when a guest comes out of the bathroom and asks where I got it so they can get it for their child.
Installation was very easy, and my daughter gets to use the "big girl potty." No removable ring to have to touch or find a place to store. The opening is extra large and the adult seat does not have much surface area, so it feels like you're sitting on a hoop and you might fall in. One nice feature is that the child seat's interior rim curves down to completely protect the adult seat from drips.

The adult seat is almost flat against the rim of the toilet, which makes it awkward to grab it to raise the entire seat.

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