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How to Play: Print and cut these game cards around the edges and distribute among your baby shower party guests along with a pen or pencil. Here are some adorable free printable words of wisdom game cards in pink color on which your baby shower guests can share their advice with new parents to be.
If you are hosting a boy baby shower then you will surely like these words of wisdom cards in blue color.
If you do not know the gender of the baby then you can use these game cards in gender neutral green color.
I hosted a baby shower last summer (see more here) and we played 2 games…Who did it and Who’s Who? Vikki, one of the 5 hostesses, framed the invitation in a blue picture frame she had on hand. Annie and I teamed up to make a fun photo booth sign with black poster board, a white paint pen, and scissors. That’s it for the activity portion of this little man baby shower.A  Do you have a favorite shower activity? Fun Find Friday-Pinterest Week 2 Wall Display with Colorful Frames Benefits of 100% natural Florida Orange Juice Washi Tape Canada Flag Block End Table Redo DIY Diva Thursdays {43} fashion party Top 17 crafts to do this SUMMER!! Losing weight is always a question of mind over matter but for one morbidly obese wife and mother, getting healthy was easy and fun.Jen Moore, 31, weighed 288 lbs when she took up hula hooping as an effort to slim down. Writing about her experience for the Huffington Post she explained how within three months of learning the skill, she had lost a whopping 40lbs and had begun to enjoy the twisting thanks to instructional DVD's from Hooopnotica. Mrs Moore's fitness kick began in 2008 after she was asked to leave a fairground ride when the safety bar would not close over her stomach. Addicted to eating, she and her husband, Keith, had to reexamine their approach to food and the way they mindlessly ate out of boredom, as well as their lazy lifestyle. Before: Jen and her husband Keith were both obese on account of year of lazy, mindless eating. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

Ask them to write some words of wisdom about raising the baby that will help parents to be in future. To save these cards click on the image on the left and a bigger image will open up, right click and save that image to your computer.
These cards can also be used on both boy and girl baby shower parties if this color matches your baby shower party theme more. For the little man shower this year, we did Who did it as more of an activity center with a self check answer sheet.
We had big plans to use a puzzle guest book, but like I said planning from another state was uber tricky. Now, thanks to the childhood sport, she is a trim 145lbs and has become an instructor for the company that helped her shed the weight.Mrs Moore, who measures 5ft 5in, credits the low-impact activity with toning her core right from the beginning when she found she had to keep bending over to pick up the fallen hoop from the ground. A Giving a little something special to neighbors, teachers, and the mailman is so important to me, but I have a hard time choosing something to give them.
This will specially be beneficial for a couple that is becoming parents for the first time. It is good if you print and cut the game cards a day or two prior to the baby shower to save the hassle. I love the little rhyme, “A little mister is on his way, let us prepare for arrival day.
The actual mad lib I used for Annie’s shower is more personalized to her and her husband, but I made a generic version in case you want to use it!A  Double click, save to your desk top, and print! It just didn't work.'But after the humiliation of the fairground incident, Mrs Moore was determined to lose weight and provide a better example for her then baby girl. I have prepared this game in three colors so it can be used on girl baby shower, boy baby shower and even when parents do not know or want to disclose gender of the baby. Marnie’s sweet daughter made us the chain loops out of brown paper sacks and construction paper Sadly this is the only picture i have have the whole thing.
We couldn't do all the fun activities we wanted to do.'Times certainly have changed for the svelte hula-hoop instructor.

A We even include printable labels!The ladies would love this peppermint sugar scrub by Mommy Musings.Stone Gable gives the gift of paperwhites in mason jars. It is better if you print these words of wisdom game cards on heavy card stock so that it will remain with mom to be for long time.
Then I used note cards to cut out conversation bubbles and write the incidents down as gender neutral as possible. Recently she added cardio and strength conditioning to her hoop-spinning exercise regime and teaches regularly at Hoopnotica.
Lucky for us, Vikki had the netted frame on hand, and Annie had orange spray paint at home!
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