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If mother to be is expecting a baby girl and you are keeping no particular theme then you are free to play any games that you like. A baby girl themed version of this classic game of bingo with a cute baby girl image in free space box.
Girls interested in seeing what it is like to attend a boarding school for horses and learn how to train them there will find this game most exciting and educational as well.
Tags: Dressage, Educational, Girl, Horse jumping, Mini-games, Riding, Take care of horses, Tournament.
Paige is the center of the game and has won a scholarship to a boarding school where students learn about riding in general, caring for horses and various types of riding such as jumping, dressage and the western style of riding. In this game, made for a younger crowd, youa€™ll know what it feels like to have your very own Pony Club.
Click the right mouse button on the image, select Set as Desktop Wallpaper or Set as Background.

It’s all about dressing up in the most fashionable clothes, making new girlfriends, and being pampered by your boyfriend – so do it all and unlock new features to become the most popular SOCIAL GIRL around!
As the player of this horse game, you are Paige and learn how to care for your horse and get to know other students at the school who also love horses. As the game starts at the beginning of the school year, you need to start with the campaign game in order to find out some of the things you need to know about the boarding school. Some of these students are helpful while others are not so civil and part of your education is learning how to deal with their jealousy. There are some other things that you will need to find out on your own in order to fully get going with the game. You also get to play various mini-games within the game and compete in a variety of tournaments. The game comes as a download from the web and comes with a PDF file with instructions on how to play it.

The graphics are good so that the game is fairly realistic but you need to read the instructions in order to figure out how to use the controls.
Choose your STYLE, shop for the TRENDIEST clothes, go on the HOTTEST dates, and befriend the COOLEST girls! It is a game for girls who like to play on their own and dona€™t require other players in order to enjoy a game.
But I noticed that other mommies were struggling with it as well, so I thought it would be a nice game to get everyone going!
I just have to make sure there are no cheaters pulling up their smart phones and googling the rhymes ;).

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