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After my little mishap, I realized that I had to do something to make sure I reminded Grace to sit on the potty every hour.
I've been trying to use the timer with my potty-training daughter, but I keep forgetting to set it.
I am passionate about creating fun, meaningful, and educational experiences for my two young daughters as I inspire them to be lifelong learners who live fully (and frugally). This time, Grace wants to use the potty, and she’s actually making some small deposits therein.

When the timer rings, she stops whatever she’s doing, and she goes and sits on the potty. I did a house party for Barilla a couple of years ago, and all of the guests got one of those. All he did was mess with the timer (and I wasn't gonna sit in the bathroom waiting for him to go). He developed a rash because he let it sit for so long, so I retrieved the diaper rash cream from his sister's room.

I continue wishing you good luck…and hope that our progress here continues on the uphill! He's a pretty tough kid for this, but what finally got him, ironically, was diaper rash cream.

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