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Related PostsGet your toddler to WANT to brush their teeth!10 Simple Ways to Get Your Kids to Clean Up Their Toys! You'll also get my FREE Healthy Snacking Pamphlet - full of recipes, tips, and healthy snack ideas! With my daughter, I would put her on the toilet when I knew she had to go (she got the toots ?? ) and then distract her with books and songs, until she went without really paying attention to it.
Make a big fuss over every “success.” The first couple of days, every time Sophie made it in the toilet, we went crazy!
He showed interest in potty training at 18 months but when we went on vacation, I neglected to take his potty and it wasn’t until 23 months before he really started wanting to do it again. We talked about what it felt like when you can tell you have to go, and how to (gently) push it out.

Kids feed off of your enthusiasm, so if you act like going potty on the toilet is the coolest thing since sliced bread – they’ll believe it!
When Soph just wasn’t getting it, one of the things that really helped was to switch roles. I told her that Minnie had to stay dry, and if she peed on her and got her wet, I would take her away. If you make your child feel bad for not catching on, they’ll get discouraged and end up taking even longer to learn. If you give them a rag and make them clean it up themselves, they sure won’t want to do it again!
Now he stands to potty (YEAH!) I was worried that he would have trouble since this is all new to me but so far so good.

Sophie was sooo excited to go to preschool, so I told her that she wasn’t allowed to go until she used the toilet. She was heartbroken the first time she peed on Minnie, which helped motivate her to not have accidents! There are a lot of things you can do to help the transition from diaper to toilet a lot easier. Afterwards, he gets a sticker to be placed on a construction paper cutout on the wall as a reward.

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