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MATH PRINTABLE GAMES FOR KIDSplace value games 2nd grade free printables decimals place value - datebar the carnival math activity center offers free online math games for kids, and try our carnival math sudoku with these free online printable activities! 9 CommentsI’ve thrown a few baby showers in my day, and the idea of sniffing snicker filled diapers kind of sicks me out.
We are having a baby shower for a friend in three weeks and these are all good ideas that we will surely all do!
In Bratz Diamondz your aim is to make your Bratz girl the hottest girl in town by using your fashion skills.
You can decorate and arrange the furniture in the daycare to make room for the new delivery. But, games and activities are fun, and it’s a great way to get the party started and the people talking!
I’ve done it where I asked the invitees to bring their baby picture to the event in an envelope with their name on it.

Grab 2 pieces of burlap from the fabric store, add some fun DIY dangles, and print out photo props. Onesie Making Station: Buy a bunch of plain white onesies in different sizes and cute iron on patches.
First you have to earn points on the matching game, and then go to the jewelry store to design jewelry for the Bratz girl. 2) Check out the screen shots and see for yourself 3) Compete against your friends ------------------------------ This game is so fun!! So, I’ve done lots of technical research and discovered 6 really awesome fun baby shower games and activities that everyone will love. Or you can ask people to email you a picture and then print them out so that you can have it all prepared before hand.
Or it can be a pre-prepared list that you hand out to each guest and see who gets the most correct.

I did it as a game and gave out a prize for the guest with the most correct answers, but you can also do it as an activity for people to interact with. The basic idea is simple, guests have to guess which baby did the listed activity  You learn things like Who tried to hijack tooth fairy money from under their sister’s pillow? I also love it because the guest of honor can get some great recommendations from her friends on baby music, books, hear her friends predictions, and even write wishes for new baby.
Then, as guests finish up their onesie have them hang them up on a clothesline to add to the decor!
After that you have to place your Bratz girl in mix a€?na€™ match section where you can also dress up her with the latest fashion items.

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