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Help your kids get excited about using the toilet with this Potty Training Game from Russpuppy. November 17, 2014 By Cheryl 7 Comments My son is three years old and we’re in the process of potty training.
We’ve printed a free potty training chart off the Pull-Ups® Big Kid Academy site and personalized it for the tasks we’d like him to complete, setting specific rewards for each. I believe one of the causes for our past failed attempts at potty training was going straight to big boy underwear. We now use the Pull-Ups® Training Pants and my son is always so excited to choose the next character that he wants to wear. I don’t know how long potty training will take us, but my son is enjoying the process now and I see that as a huge win! Pull-Ups® Training Pants are all about getting toddlers interested in becoming a Big Kid which is why they have Disney character designs and stretchy sides that let kids put them on and take off all by themselves!
Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Pull-Ups® Training Pants via Glam Media Canada. Awesome – little things to make potty training fun make a huge difference for the kids! The conceptual design is pretty straightforward: align the goals of the parents (teaching bathroom skills) with the goals of a toddler (have fun) to improve the toilet experience for all concern–basic goal alignment!
While attention controls might lag during a long bathroom break, video games seem to have a tighter control over attention. We just returned from An Event Apart San Francisco and I am trying to put down notes and ideas while they are fresh in my mind.
Last week was the week the Sage Event—a conference of Sagers (individuals who have been Sage Bionetworks supporters over the years and some new comers) that I have been organizing for the last 5 months. Above is an example of Interface Design — Kulula Airlines decorates its planes in a very playful manner. The fun bear character in this game plays with toys, but when it's time to go potty the bear has to leave them and go to the bathroom right away! This isn’t the first time we’ve tried with him, but when he started to get frustrated with the process in the past, we always gave him a break.
Not only do they provide me with valuable tips, like how to tell if my son was ready to potty train and ways to encourage him without overwhelming him, but they also provide so many ideas for making potty training fun.

It’s a fantastic app that allows you to personalize settings like what hours of the day your child is awake and how often you want to set a reminder to sit on the potty, and it also features rewarding games for your child to play. The Pull-Ups® Training Pants Learning Designs ® and Pull-Ups® Training Pants Cool Alert ® have popular Disney characters on them so my son is always eager to choose his own training pants. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Kimberly-Clark Inc. It was three full intense days of information — some great, some good, some not so much. Universities are struggling to gamify their students and curricula, hospitals seek to gamify their staff, corporation are trying to gamify their sales strategy.
Well, it boils down to the ability to notice an opportunity where a product or a fix or a nudge can make a positive difference in someone’s life. To celebrate the day after Halloween, I decided to scare my readers with a few translations that I have been gathering from emails sent to me over the years.
After the bear successfully goes to the potty, your child can pick a reward sticker for the sticker chart.Say goodbye to diapers and hello to potty training! We now have a system for making potty training fun and he is now the one telling me when he wants to have a potty break. My son absolutely loves this app and he’s always asking for “potty time” so that he can sit on the potty while playing a couple of games. He has been a little sneaky, though—sometimes he takes off dry ones just so he can switch it up and try on a new character. Players compete by blowing the opponent out a ring with a jet of milk flowing from a nose of a virtual character–the strength of jets are directly correlated and asynchronous play is strongly recommended!
Then consider this, we conjure up complete worlds of information with a mere suggestion, just a bit of outline, a stroke or two, a few words, a spatter of color, a dash of melody. We’ve been using the games as a reward for sitting on the potty but will soon start using them as a reward for actually going potty. We’ve been letting him change as often as he’d like to for now so he sees this as a fun process. Or a player can use his power to hose up a virtual girl’s dress, the more power the player is able to produce the higher the skirt rises. By EmilyMay 4th, 2016For the most part, potty training tips and advice articles seem to include a lot of the same advice.

Or, maybe your little one has been potty trained during the day for months but still hasn’t managed to stay dry at night. It seem so common to hear stories about toddlers regressing or just not being interested in potty training if they have a newborn sibling in the house, so I thought Royce being born might delay her. She really embraced being an older sister and was suddenly ready to potty train when Royce was about a month old. It felt like she had a big emotional change almost overnight, where she suddenly had a strong desire to use the potty, which was great. Right now there is a $2.00 off Pull-Ups® Training Pants coupon that is perfect for the potty training process.
Select the coupon(s) you want to use in the app and then go to Dollar General and grab the items you need.At checkout, use the debit card machine to put in the phone number associated with your Dollar General App, and the discounts will automatically come off your order.
So you don’t have to print or clip any coupons, making it the easiest way to coupon that I personally know of. Use this chart to keep track of all the little victories along the way.View and print this potty training sticker chart. When these bigger goals are reached, celebrate in a big way by printing off this reward ribbon. Let your little one show off their award to close family members or friends as well.The last step is to be prepared for set-backs or rough days.
When you or your little one are feeling a bit discouraged (or just lacking enthusiasm!) about the potty training process, use games to make it fun again.
Visit the Pull-Ups Potty Training Games website for printables and resources that you can use with your little one to make potty training fun.
Resources include a potty timer to remind you and your little one to have regular potty breaks, personality quizes like What Is Your Potty Training Personality?
Great that they make this affordable and it’s fun to go online and participate along with kids.

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