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Playrific makes childrens apps with exciting, intelligent, educational & fun content from around the world. Along with all the milestones you are experiencing with your toddler, potty training is quite the big one!
When you decide to begin potty training your toddler, there are a few things that you need to consider.
If it is not time yet, you will notice your child continuing to wet his or her pants, having bowel movements in their diaper or training pants or even holding it and refusing to go at all. Another reason is when you make your child go to the bathroom on your terms instead of theirs. Start by taking your child out and letting them pick out a toilet seat made for children that sits on top of the regular adult toilet seat. During potty training you can reinforce things by taking them out shopping for a€?big girla€? panties or a€?big boya€? underwear. If your toddler is using the potty pretty consistently with few accidents, set a date to say goodbye to diapers.
If begging your child to use the toilet doesna€™t work, try begging them a€?nota€? to go potty on the toilet. You can always speak with your childa€™s pediatrician if they have reached the age of 3 and are not potty trained. We are nearing the end of our first week of potty-training, and I’m blown away at how good Dexter is doing. Rumors are that the great Jack Nicholson might be retiring from acting because he’s having issues remembering his lines. We all know what’s supposed to happen on the wedding night, but what actually did happen?
A convenience store chain has launched the Gyeondyo-bar, which translates to "hang in there," and claims to combat the after-effects of alcohol consumption.

They love to use the word a€?Noa€? and sometimes that means not wanting to do all the things they learned when they were two. First, your child must be ready both emotionally and physically and this does not happen until around the age of 2. You will also notice they are very reluctant to sit on the potty for you and you cannot force them no matter how hard you try. Punishing a child or spanking will also cause them to resist even more because it has become a a€?negativea€? experience for them.
Keep your attitude light and positive and make sure everyone who cares for your child does the same.
Allow your child to pick them out all by themselves and tell them that it is time for the diapers to go away. If your child is very resistant to doing what you tell them, they may in fact want to do the opposite in this case and go on the toilet. Help your Big Kid® start their potty routine with a fun song and dance that they'll want to do again and again.
Help your Big Kid® start their potty routine with a fun song and dance that they'll want to do again and again.
They will put their foot down and give you a struggle due to their increasing awareness that they are their own little person now. You will need to have lots of patience and consistency when teaching a three year old to use the toilet.
If you toddler is not potty trained at 3 you may have a battle on your hands on the childa€™s part and it is not a matter of training issues. Understand your toddlera€™s new found independence and strong will that emerges around age 3 can really make for some uphill battles. Ask questions like, a€?Are you afraid?a€? a€?Why dona€™t you want to use the potty?a€? Reassure them that it will be okay.

Let your toddler know that they will only be getting diapers at night and have to wear big kid pants during the day.
It may even help for your little one to a€?donatea€? or a€?gifta€? his or her last package of diapers to a toddler that is younger and not yet potty trained. With simple lyrics and fun moves, 'The Potty Dance' is an engaging training ritual that helps little ones take control of the funny feelings in their tummies. Children that are not potty trained at 3 may just be exerting this new independence or just not ready to be potty trained yet. Usually, if they wet their pants they wona€™t like the feeling of being wet and may want to use the potty more often.
When accidents happen, calmly explain that they just need to try harder to make it to the potty, clean them up and move on.
On the first day, put them in a€?pull upsa€? and take them to the potty and sit them on the seat after meals. They eventually figure out they need to do this all on their own when you stop battling them.
Even if your toddler doesna€™t pee in the toilet, use lots of praise and give a reward if they do go pee.
It is also helpful to put them on the potty first thing in the morning and before they go to bed at naptime and nighttime.

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