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Remember me saying that mommy and I have tried numerous items on our quest to conquer the mountain that is called potty training.
Since this is recommended for ages 2 years and up maybe mommy should have taken that into consideration as well. Me And My Mini MeNovember 29, 2013 at 6:26 PMWhat a great idea, I love this to encourage kids to go to the potty.
Help your kids get excited about using the toilet with this Potty Training Game from Russpuppy. IN THE CLASSROOMI've discussed many ways to have the game set up in your classroom for use in small groups and for free play time.This helps support families who are working on potty training at home with their children.WITH FAMILIESThis would make a great TAKE HOME pack! Disclaimer: I was offered a copy of this game to use and review by Aim High Games in exchange for my honest review.
Its like fishing in a real little pond except you are taking care of business while fishing. No more boring reading of those women magazines that lay around in the batroom, now men (and of course women if they want) can do the real stuff  also in their most private moments. When mommy was contacted by the makers of Lets Potty, she said "what do I have to lose?" and said yes.
The fun bear character in this game plays with toys, but when it's time to go potty the bear has to leave them and go to the bathroom right away!

Mommy probably forgot that she had to ask me, Madison, if she was ready to do a review for another item that encourages me to use the potty. After the bear successfully goes to the potty, your child can pick a reward sticker for the sticker chart.Say goodbye to diapers and hello to potty training! The fishing game comes with a small little pond that fits like a toilet rug around your throne. Maybe if mommy had asked me she may have found out that while I love playing games, I still have no interest in using the potty.
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Here comes a fishing game that everyone will like and which will make your time on the tub more pleasent.
Of course we are talking catch-and-release here otherwise you will be having problems with the fish population in the toilet pond in a matter of minutes. There was even a card that told you to stay in your spot because you may have gone in your diaper. Giveaways are not sponsored by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or any other social media site.

It's amazing all the things out there that help encourage kids to go to the potty, and my big brother is the best! And last but not least a great little fishing pole which you should use to go fishing big time.
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You know Des is about four or five months behind Madison (in age, anyway) so I'll take any advice you have! There are no rules and you can play by your own rules and while he may have got to the potty first, everyone wins! I wonder where the potty is?""Where is the bathroom?""What is in the bathroom?" Etc.It would be great for families and caregivers to use the game board in this way as a first introduction.

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