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For Jake’s first birthday my husband and i threw a big party with our family and friends.
Advertisements Recent CommentsAnn-Marie on Nonna’s KitchenWhat a wonderful article Adria, I too remember this vividly.
Supplies: random items from old Halloween costumes such as glasses, shoes, wigs, clothing items, hats, etc. Thank you so much for the skeletal system link, I have been wanting to do this with my boys.
July 14, 2015 by girlinspired 4 Comments Although the store shelves are always empty of the latest Shopkins, I struggled to find a whole lot of party ideas. These are the invitation and decor I used for our party – I created the invitation using a poster image from Shopkinsworld, see below. Where did you find the scalloped glossy paper fan that is in the picture with pencils and invite? Others might refuse to throw such party because it is considered as birthday party that require lot of budget. When it’s their turn, blindfold or have a child close his eyes then have him try to put a jack-o-lantern face piece onto the balloon where the face should go.
However, if you know how to to purchase the party needs, you’ll be surprised of how good is a circus birthday party ideas that can be done with low budget.
However, you don’t have to book a city hall or hotel ballroom just to make a circus birthday party for your kids.

This the term i use to describe small booths that usually handle different kind of game at the annual city fair. I love finding someone the perfect birthday gift (and let’s be honest, receiving one too). I’m not particularly creative or crafty, nor do I have large birthday party budgets to pay someone to do it, so I always shutter at the thought of trying to put something together.
Do you say yes to all of them or just pick and choose those of close friends or better locations?
We have four fab games as suggestions: spider toss, skeleton says, costume dress-up, and pin the face on the pumpkin. It’s supposed to be a funny game, so if the kids guess the bones to be in a wrong spot then just laugh and show them where the bone really is. When the table leader says go, have the children race to see which team can put on all of the costume items first. After everyone has had a turn, laugh at the funny jack-o-lantern face they’ve created. That being said, I also don’t like just going to the party store and buying up all the Toy Story supplies they have to offer.
You can do all four games at your party or choose whichever ones fit best with the age group and time allotment. We have a printable PDF of the skeletal system for you to use, just click on the picture below.

I think all that really matters is having friends and family together to celebrate…and of course there must be some type of cake. I’m happy to say that many of my friends wnated to know where I got the ideas and I passed them along your way. I’m decide to come out with some good tips on pull out some good circus birthday party ideas.
You can contact local authorities to use place like public park, beach, or skate park for your circus birthday party ideas. I think birthdays should just be special days when the celebrant gets to do and eat whatever he or she wants. If you have any Christmas party ideas, please let me know – your site made my party menu a hit! It doesn’t matter if there are perfectly crafted Buzz Lightyear cupcakes or super creative goody bags, right?

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