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Tip Junkie promotes creative women so click on the links below to be taken to the original post. See how many marshmallows you can get through the wreath and into the bucket in a minute game. How many ornaments can you balance on a yardstick and paper towel tube without it falling over in a minute game. Can you get the cookie from your forehead into your mouth without using your hands in a minute game.
19.  Top 10 Christmas Activities for Kids - There are a ton of Christmas crafts out there, but the projects I am featuring today are not only adorable, but they are super SIMPLE and fun activities for kids!
25.  Letter to Santa and Gift Tags {Free Printable} - Keep the kids busy by having them write a Letter to Santa! 33.  How to Make a Snowman Pinata - You're guess will love this unexpected Christmas game of clobber the snowman! This year we've hosted two Christmas parties and after December is over will have attended three other ones as well. You divide your guests into teams (it works best with at least three or four on each team). One person from Team 1 stands up to do the acting, and the rest of Team 1 guesses what they are acting.
When the bowl gets back to Team 1 the next person acts so everyone gets a chance to do the acting. Instead of acting out things or phrases that relate to Christmas, you could also act out titles of Christmas Songs. Christmas Song HumdingersOr, if you don't want to stick with charades (some of those would be HARD to act out!), you could make the Christmas songs into "Humdingers". For this game you will need green crepe paper, ornaments on hooks, tinsel, garland, and a timer. This is a cute little game that is also a great Christmas party favor for your guests to take home.

Each player must place the chopstick in their mouth, on the start of go players must place their hands behind their back and try and hook as many candy canes on their chopstick as they can and transfer them to the stocking. In this game you will need to provide each player with a red craft pom pom with a ribbon attached (about 7 inches). Have all the players place a large inflated balloon under their shirt to represent a Santa belly. How many presents can you carry??Wrap a bunch of empty boxes( about the same size, and fill some gift bags up with paper.
How to Host an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party - Host a hysterically themed party where all the guests come wearing the most hideous Christmas sweaters they can find.
Most of the projects only require a few materials to complete, and they are great for kids of all ages.
Cut The Candybar - The object is to eat as much of the candy bar as you can before someone rolls a double. We had two teams but you could do it with three or four, more than that might be a bit much.
Have each person make up 3 or 5 separate ones for the bowl, depending on how many people are participating. Since some of these are pretty easy to guess, I timed them for 45 seconds and gave them 1 point for each one they got during that time limit. Of course I'm going to share them with you!We are obsessed with group games that produce hilariousness. Sometimes you can feel the joy being sucked right out of you because of the pressure that comes with the season. When the clock starts (set it for at least one minute) the teams will race to wrap one of their members in the streamer. Through the years, I've found that these games are the most enjoyable for all kinds of people and really bring those shy ones out of their shells.
Place the stocking on the other end of the table - place a cup inside to keep the stocking open.

If that sounds like a great idea just check out some of these jolly games, we even threw in some Minute to Win It style Christmas games. Especially when people start furiously humming as fast at they can.Christmas CatchphraseIf you don't want to act OR hum, this could be the game for you. Whoever has the bowl draws one out and has to describe what's on the piece of paper without saying the words on it and without using motions.
If you play that way you can set a time limit of a minute and a half or however long you want to play before the person holding the bowl has to stop.
Whichever team is NOT holding the bowl when the timer goes off get's 1 point.Dirty SantaThis is a classic game that most people know but may call it by a different name.
This definitely takes some prior planning and you have to let everyone know about it when you invite them to the party.
We play this every year at Jordan's annual Christmas party and at his grandma's house on Christmas Eve.Tell everyone to bring a wrapped gift and give them a price range such as $5-$10 or $10-$15. Sometimes when we play this it's called "White Elephant Dirty Santa" which means people can bring awful gifts or funny gifts. Yay.)To play the game, you count how many people are participating and make that many numbers to put in a bowl. If 2 steals 1's gift, 1 can't steal anything because everything has already been stolen that round. That might be confusing, but just remember when the next number is going (4) it starts a new round.A gift can only be stolen 3 times, then it's "dead".
The object is to go around the room humming your song until you find the person humming the same song. We'll see what I end up with on Saturday!Do you have any other ideas for Christmas party games?Please leave them in a comment, or leave a link to your blog post about games.

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