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This page links to some game ideas posts and also points out other helpful websites for finding church games. Fruit of the Spirit Game: Here is a fun activity game to help children remember this important Bible truth.
Silent Football Game: This is a group game that might work better if you have some open space, but it could be modified to fit a Sunday School classroom. Kids Bible Trivia Game: Try these Bible knowledge questions to round out your Sunday School class.
Post-It Note Games: Here are five creative activities for Sunday School using post-it notes.
Captain Midnight Game for Kids Ministry: This is a large group game that works best if you have a gym or outside area. Great Group Games Website: This page lists several of the standard kids ministry games, including sword drills and Bible story specific games. It can be hard to find fun bible crafts and activities for kids each and every week before teaching Sunday School.
This activity is great for homeschool Bible, family devotions, or a Sunday School lesson for Preschool – 3rd Grade.
You can make over 29 amazing summer activities for kids using items from your local dollar store. Disney World is changing a lot right now, including closing 2 fan favorite rides within the next 2 weeks.
Book reports are a great way for kids to recall what they’ve read, help with reading comprehension, and improve writing too.
Get ready for Earth Day on April 22nd with these fun and creative earth day crafts for kids of all ages! This  is one of my favorite Bible Games for helping your students learn to “follow” the Ten Commandments, and understand that’s what we really need is to get to Jesus’ grace! In the book of Exodus, God gave Moses the Ten Commandments to share with the Hebrew people. 21 more unique, thoughtful, economical activities that will help kids ages 4-11 understand and appreciate the 10 Commandments! For students to follow the path of the Ten Commandments, which leads to Christ Jesus in Graceland. Cut the first 10 pieces of construction paper into the shape of a foot print, or simply draw a footprint on each. Place these upside down on the floor in a crooked little path so that the numbers and footprints are showing.
Say the Ten Commandments slowly for all students using your list.  Encourage them to say what they can along with you as you repeat them several times. When a student misses, he must remain beside the last footprint that he got right while other students take a turn. When you have only a few hours a week to instill God's message in your students' hearts it is important to use every moment wisely.
Sticky Notes, Markers, and a Bible Scene Pictures from a Coloring Book or Other Poster Pictures. Connected to the Internet via Wifi this little dinosaur has unlimited power to grow and meet your child's educational needs and abilities.
Our Preschool program, Heart Shaper, is designed to engage young children in Bible stories through multisensory activities, songs, and games. For kindergarten through second graders, Godly Play is a Montessori approach to faith formation, which helps children explore their faith through wonder and play. Our third through fifth graders use a variety of resources including the Episcopal Children's Curriculum, Legos, and Godly Play at the intermediate levels, to explore our sacraments, Sunday service, and the Bible. Junior High youth in grades 6th though eighth use a lectionary based curriculum, Faith Lens, and a Bible based program called re:form. Children start at the first day of the week and take turns throwing a die and moving the correct amount of spaces. This game can be played two ways: One, the child who spells out the whole Bible verse first with their manna wins. The object of the this game is to collect one each of the 6 colors of dinosaur prints with the words on them to spell out the Bible verse. Younger children receive a treat after answering a question when they land on a picture of a dog with a dog bone. If a child lands on the dogcatcher's truck, he has to say the Bible verse, go to the dog pound, and lose his next turn.
Older children play as described above except they must collect all three colors of dog bones. To prepare this game the teacher prints out helping-pictures and glues them to a poster board. This Printable Bible Game goes along with the lesson about Joseph interpreting the King's dream on The Resource Room.
Children color their This game goes along with the Bible lesson about Moses in the desert when he had to run away and hide from Pharaoh.
When a child answers a question correctly he throws a die and moves that many spaces towards the cactus plant. Go to the Books of the Bible Crafts and Activities Page for sample printable patterns and a list of games.
Show all the children the card and ask them if they know what the picture on the card has to do with Easter. If you have a lot of people playing, you can add colors to the numbers and use the numbers more than once. This game can be used to review the Sunday School lesson about John the Baptist or Joshua and Kaleb entering the promised land. Children take turns picking an apple that they think might have the missing word written on it.
Children take turns pulling a piece of paper out of Froggy's mouth, opening it up, and seeing if it is part of the message. Game #1 - Break your class into teams and play with just twelve cards - two of each pattern. Game #2 - Print out enough cards so that you have at least a set of cards for each child.
Use just enough cards (from above activity) so that you have one card for every child and each card has a match. If a child is holding any matches in his hand, he places them down in front of him on the table.
Show your children the cards and ask if they can guess which part of the story each picture represents and then play a match game with the cards. Object of the Game: Is to collect the most cards by guessing correctly if players picked the option you picked or didn't pick. Preparation: Print out the card patterns onto card stock and cut them apart - Numbered Cards, Option Cards, Option Cards 2, Option Cards 3, Option Cards 4, and Blank Cards (You can make up your own cards or have your children add cards). Have your children sit in a circle and place the Option Cards in the middle of the circle face down. Hang up the poster off all the faces of Jacob's sons so that the whole class can see them. You can find more ideas for Activity Sheets and Games on the Bible Activity Sheets Page and The Resource Room. They can be use for so many things by children of all ages: Build an ark, use them to create games, build a playhouse, puppet theater, spaceships and so much more. EDIL ERRE ha affinato nel tempo gli strumenti e i servizi da mettere a disposizione dei professionisti e degli amministratori condominiali negli interventi di manutenzione ordinaria e straordinaria nonche nel ripristino degli spazi comuni e delle aree connesse a complessi immobiliari siano essi residenziali, commerciali e industriali. In questa specializzazione gli interventi effettivamente competenti e mirati possono essere condotti soltanto da soggetti che, come EDIL ERRE, hanno acquisito negli anni una esperienza diretta, supportata dalla massima preparazione organizzativa, tecnica ed operativa. Grazie alla dotazione tecnica messa a disposizione delle maestranze e all'acquisizione delle piu avanzate tecnologie, siamo in grado di realizzare nuove costruzioni di qualsiasi dimensione e tipologia con tecniche tradizionali o di prefabbricazione.

L'impresa EDIL ERRE individua le esigenze strutturali ed infrastrutturali delle industrie e delle aziende. Interveniamo sulle installazioni produttive e gestiamo le attivita connesse alla manutenzione ed alla ristrutturazione di complessi industriali di qualsiasi dimensione e tipologia. Abbiamo ritenuto indispensabile la creazione del proprio Sistema di Gestione Integrato QUALITA' - AMBIENTE - SICUREZZA: Qualita del ciclo produttivo, rispetto e salvaguardia dell'Ambiente e tutela della Sicurezza in cantiere sono le 3 tematiche che fungono da filo conduttore in ogni attivita svolta dall'impresa. I first used it to help some of my foster children to use positive words – a great need! Purchasing through these links does not cost you anything additional, but gives us a small referral fee.
Although I've done my best to ensure the safety of each activity, clarity of directions, and accuracy of my educational activities; I can in NO way be held liable for your personal use of my material.
I want to make our class educational, hands on, and FUN so they remember what we talk about! I usually scour the internet first to see if anyone has any great ideas before spending time coming up with something myself. Then every time they think about their favorite sweets they can be reminded that God’s word is sweeter than even their favorite treats.
Your frequent visits to my blog & support purchasing through affiliates links and ads keep the lights on so to speak. LambertMay 25, 2015 at 12:56 AM I have been playing it for a few hours every night after I finish up my chapter that I have to write for the day. The commandments help us to understand God’s nature and what He considers to be right and wrong, but they don’t actually help us get close to Him. Number each foot print 1-10 using the crayon (you can also use a marker, but not a Sharpie that bleeds through). Take the final sheet of construction paper and mark on it “Christ Jesus in Graceland” and place it after the 10th Commandment.
Right or wrong, turn any Commandments back over again, so that only the footprint and number are showing. However, have all students reach it, and the repetition will help all students learn the Commandments. However, it will get harder as children move along, as they will most likely have forgotten some of the final commandments by the time they get there. Games shouldn't be used as just a way to keep children entertained, but to encourage them to pay attention to the Bible lesson, to reinforce the teaching concepts, and to help them memorize Bible verses.
In class divide up your children into two teams and give each team a set of dominoes that you prepared earlier. Children on each team should take turns turning over one Domino at a time trying to find the words of the verse in order. The child that places the last Domino gets to knock over the first Domino in the row to set off the cascading effect.
You can play this game with teams or just have the whole class work on setting up the Dominoes. Before class write words from the Bible verse on pieces of masking tape and stick them to the blocks. As you say a word from the verse tell your children to grab only the blocks with the word you say. Every Sunday School lesson includes a Bible verse review game, crafts, and activities to reinforce the lesson. Stick the note papers to your board to spell out the Bible verse and then remove random words sticking them below the Bible verse with the other extra sticky note words.
Have your children take turns picking a word and placing it where they think the word might belong. Once the whole verse has been revealed, you can start again, but leave out different words. For example, if you are studying the story of Daniel in the lion's den, you may write: Daniel, lion's den, lion, king, and angel on the cards. Have your children take turns asking only yes or no questions of the other children trying to figure out what is written on the sticky note on their own forehead. Each child gets to ask one question and then try to guess what is written on his or her forehead. Before class write words from your Sunday school lesson on the sticky notes and stick them to the board or in the center of a table so that all the children can see them. In class tell your children that they should pick up any of the sticky notes that have words that you say during the lesson.
In class tell your children to pay attention to the lesson and the words on the table because they will be placing them in order when you are done with the lesson. When you have finished the story or lesson, select one child to pick up the sticky note with a word that relates to the first part of the lesson. Write questions from the lesson on separate sheets of paper with corresponding numbers to the coloring picture numbers. If they land on a word, they find the word on one of the manna pieces in the middle of the board. Two, the child who collects the most manna after going around the board once or twice wins. To do this children take turns throwing a die and moving their dinosaur in either direction (backwards or forwards) the number of spaces shown on the die. If a child lands on a skinny cow, he colors one space under the skinny cow on his score sheet. When the child answers a question correctly he gets to throw the die and move that many clouds up towards heaven.
Easy questions are worth one space, medium questions are worth two spaces, and hard questions are worth three spaces. If the cube lands so it shows a book that is not the next in order, (or has already been marked off) the child loses his turn and must try again next time. If they don't know, give them a short explanation and then have them place a marker on their card over the picture if they have it. If you would like, you can let older children pick numbers 1 - 12, 14 - 17, 21, 24, 27, 30, 39, 40, 66, 70, 90, 99, 100, 150, 600, 969 and write them on their own cards.
The players would have to find the number with a specific color on their cards instead of just the number. When someone answers the question correctly have everyone check their Bingo Card to see if they have that number.
The child who throws the die should say what the picture that is facing up represents and on what day it was created. If a happy face is face up, the child should say something happy that happened in the story. Children match up the beginning of the verses to the ends of the verses to make complete verses. To make the game easier print out the beginning Bible verse sheets and the ending Bible verse sheets onto different colors of card stock. When the dreidel stops, they read the word on the top that is facing up and find the matching card in a bowl and place it in front of them. Play like the old shell game, mixing up the baskets while the children try to follow the one that Moses is in. On the word go children take turns running to the cards, finding the card that is next in sequence to spell out the verse, and placing it in order. He must read or repeat the part of the Bible verse that is on the highest card, and then go to the back of the line. When a child gets a match, ask him what talent he thinks is represented on the picture cards and how that child might use his talent to help others. The first child reads an Option Card and lets the other players decide which option they would pick without discussing their choice. After all the children have placed a card on the table the reader tells which option he picks and explains why he picked the option.

People of all ages will enjoy figuring out the clues and scavenging for the objects needed to win.
Read the Bible verses and fill in the missing words to find out what object you will be looking for. When the game is over have your children look up the Bible verses that go along with the words they guessed correctly. For this week I put together a Psalm 23 BINGO to go along with our unit on Psalms and David.
Feel free to offer clues by play acting, such as, for Commandment 9, saying “Of course I walked the dog after school, Mom!” with a lying look on your face.
If a child finds the correct word, he gets to set up a Domino so that it is standing up right.
Tell your children that they cannot tell the other children the word on the back of the other children. If the child answers the question correctly, he gets to pick up a bone that matches the color of the card.
Keep playing until a child gets three makers in a row, diagonally, vertically, or horizontally.
If the child gets it right, he gets the designated points The child with the most points wins.
If a sad face lands face up, the child should say something happy that happened in the story.
The child who finds a duo grabs a spoon and then all the other players try to grab a spoon before they are all gone.
See if the children can figure out the correct order of the words to complete the bible verse. Printable Bible Verse Cards in both the KJV and NIV and the Title Card are available to members. Play like Game #1, except the first child to get all six sets of cards wins.ver one card at a time.
If a child picks option one, he places a Number 1 Card on the table in front of him face down. Then he guesses if more children in the game picked the option he picked, or more picked the other option.
Explain the rules of the game and then give each team a KJV Bible, a paper grocery bag to store the objects it finds, and several plastic Ziplock bags to keep small objects. The Ten Commandment Cards in the video below come in a set of ten cards plus two of Jesus' Commandments.
So for all you other busy Sunday School teachers out there ministering to kids, here is a free printable to make this weeks lesson a little easier! If he has it right, he may proceed to stand next to that footprint and try to guess what the second one is. We have active games for your more competitive students, creative games for children who love performing, and thinking games for children who love intellectual challenges. Or say the words in the wrong order so children who grab too soon will have to listen more carefully.) If a child grabs a block before you say it, or grabs the wrong block, he must put all his blocks back on the table. Tell the children not to tell anyone what is written on the sticky notes and not to remove their own sticky notes. Have the next child pick a note that he thinks would come next in the story, and explain why he picked that note. If the child answers the question correctly remove the corresponding sticky note on the coloring sheet, and let the child try to guess what Bible story the picture on the coloring sheet represents.
If he already has a bone that matches that color of card, he doesn't collect a bone that turn.
If he lands on a talent space, he looks at the picture and tries to figure out what the child's talent might be in the picture and how he or she might use it to help others.
You can also have the children play in teams so there aren't as many angel pieces on the board.
Let each child pick what set of questions they would like to answer - easy, medium, or hard. If a child is wrong, he or she has to say the memory verse and then try again until he or she finds the right basket. Some of the Bible verses may work with more than one lie, so they may have to switch some around so all the Bible verses match one of the lies.
On the word go, the children should all try to find one card and then try to find the other child in the class who has the matching card. If they pick a picture card, they say what the talent might be and how we can use it to help others.
Children can memorize the commandments by reading the first panel, guessing what comes on the next panel, and then folding it over to see if they are correct. Be sure to include all types of games in your lessons to meet the needs of all your students. If the whole team is allowed to help come up with an answer only let one person answer the question and that person gets to set up the Domino tile if the answer is correct. He has to wait until he answers a question with a card that is the color of a bone he doesn't already possess. If the child picks up a card that he already has, he has to turn it back over and try again on his next turn.
For example, the first child will look for the first word of the Bible verse and place it at the top of the pile. Make sure the children turn the cards back over and place them in the same location each turn if they don't match.
If a child matches all his cards and places them on the table in front of him, he is out of the game until the next round. This game goes along with the lesson about Joseph interpreting the King's dream on The Resource Room. The team member who is acting out the words may pick the words he wants to act out for his team. Have your children think of sins that we may commit daily or may make excuses for, such as watching television shows that aren't pleasing to God, swearing, lying, cheating, etc., and then have them write the sins on the craft sticks. To make the game go faster you can write different numbers on the cow pictures and have the children color in that many spaces on their score sheet. The second child will look for the second word and place it to the right of the first word.
Each time a child turns over a card, read what it says on the card to help them remember the Bible verse. Place your children into groups of three, and have them pass out all the cards between them.
He can pass on certain words if the other members of his team are not able to guess the word or he thinks it is too hard to guess. Each set of cards has the same design so children who don't read can still match the duos by matching the design on the cards.
Some examples of duos are: Adam and Eve, Noah and the ark, Cain and Abel, Daniel and the lions, etc.
When we commit one sin it makes it easier to comment even more until pretty soon they take over our lives. They don't ask each other if they have a certain card, they just take turns picking cards from each other.
The child who asked the question then gets to take a guess at which son is on the card that the child is holding.

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