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A bored and neglected housewife joins a local escort service and soon sinks deeper into trouble when she finds that she's not permitted to quit when the work gets tough. Bored married Manhattanites Paul (Caan) and Jennifer (Ross), who are looking for some kinky entertainment, get involved with amateur medium Lisa (Signoret). Suzanne Collins’ trilogy The Hunger Games was published in the period of 2008 to 2010 and immediately became a global bestseller. The story takes place in a nation called Panem, established in North America after the destruction of the continent’s civilization by an unknown apocalyptic event.
The only exception is a futuristic bottle of 321 Water which could be seen (although I haven’t noticed it) in the Control Room scene on The Hunger Games. There’s also an interesting aspect of movie marketing which almost exclude cross-promotions. However, due to the huge success at the box office, some brands are prepared to give it a go with the sequel. Family members have been reading ‘The Hunger Games’ books and plan to see the movie together next week.
Los Angeles — “The Hunger Games” may have fit neatly into a “young adult” category in its early marketing, but this trilogy featuring a 16-year-old heroine from the future is at the leading edge of literature that is bringing the entire family together.The story made the leap from page to screen because Hollywood producer Nina Jacobson – hardly the target demographic – fell in love with the story on her own. This trilogy is particularly powerful for families to share, she says, because it relates to so many primal issues such as sibling loyalty and family survival.Themes of family tragedy and endurance in the face of hardship are what led Maria Perez, a New Jersey public-relations executive, to bond with her 13-year-old niece, Claudia Perez, through the books.

Soon after that the movie adaptation of the first book hit the cinemas, while the second one is scheduled for autumn 2013. The nation consists of the wealthy capital city Capitol and 12 poor surrounding districts, which are under Capitol’s (strict) control.
I can’t remember any brand mentioned in the first or even in the second book (I haven’t read the third, though).
I haven’t noticed any brands whatsoever, which is very refreshing, especially if you compare The Hunger Games with Transformers, Iron Man, The Island, Minority Report and other infamous movies full of blatant product placement.
Apparently top brands were reluctant to be involved with the movie and stayed away from tie-ins. And the actress cast to play the young heroine, Jennifer Lawrence, was introduced to the futuristic world by her own mother.Tales of multigenerational bonding over this parable of an oppressive, autocratic corporatocracy abound. Interestingly Ms Collins decided to take an active role in adapting the novel for the silver screen. The article in Forbes stated that the main reason for such outcome was not-so-favorable storyline, which was not a safe choice for most of the brands.
The result is an above average movie adaptation which will surely be an important part of the Hunger Games movie trilogy.
And even though we're reading the same book, we read it differently, so we have different opinions about what it means.

It's more enjoyable to read it together,” she says.Mother-daughter bonding led Boston-area marketing executive Lisa Rinkus to pick up “The Hunger Games,” “so I could relate to what my daughter is so excited about,” she says. She is quick to note that she and her daughter are already close, but she points out that books provide a bridge for a different kind of sharing. Rinkus, but she sees the story as an opportunity to talk about important issues in the world. Her daughter, Elizabeth Rinkus, answered her mother’s text message about reading the books together.“I think it’s a great thing that you and other parents are reading ‘The Hunger Games’ and are able to see what kinds of things us younger kids are so fascinated and intrigued by,” she texts. She says that the after-school program she directs will be taking a group of mentors and teens to the film when it opens.
They have done this before, she notes, but says that “The Hunger Games” is particularly powerful.“They are not formulaic,” Ms. Freed says, “and they deal with all kinds of important family issues, as well as larger moral and ethical questions.” After the movie, she adds, the group will gather to discuss and share what they have gotten out of the experience.

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