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Place two or more games side by side and you've got a Balloon Blasting Challenge - first to burst wins! Two seater electric jeeps with safety harnesses provide endless fun as they are driven round the specially prepared and cordoned driving area. Enter Charlie Chalk magical bouncing arena and bouncy to your little hearts content with the images of the hit childrens show.
Are you looking for a unique children's attraction that is simple to set up and is successful at getting and keeping the attention of the little ones? Children of all ages love to show up dad with our miniature version of the ADULT STRIKER .it is easy for one person to transport and set up.

This multi activity unit is guaranteed to entertain and amuse up to 20 children for the entire afternoon…. We can attach various inflatable castles or other units to add more fun comes complete with rain cover.
An inflatable child’s playground complete with slides, climbing soft play things etc. Four contestants dive into a sea of balls, each searching for one of just three differently coloured balls hidden inside.
Whether you choose our Clown, Giraffe, Monkey or Three Lil' Pigs, you'll find kids lining up to give it a try.

With built in slides, tubes, climbing frames, ball-pond music and more, children have there own wonderland in their garden !!! As the pressure rises and the balloon expands, it presses into popping points on the inside of the tower's two arcs, and -- BOOM! Standard Scrabble rules prevail except for the extra bonuses when the team spells their specific company or division name.

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