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If you're ready to take a shot at this free-to-play train game, you'll dive into the world of railway management, as you'll construct tracks between towns and factories, and must manage the production and transportation of all sorts of consumer and industrial goods.
Being a freemium game, there's a focus on using premium currency to speed up routes or the construction of bridges, etc., but you can technically play the game for free if you have enough patience.
Have you tried My Railway HD on your Android device, or are you an iOS gamer ready to dive into this train game on your iPad? Frontier Developements planuieste in penumbra lansarea lui Wild!, cel de-al doilea add-on pentru RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.

If this sounds at all familiar, it might be because this formerly Android-exclusive title has been available in the Google Play store for some time. A simple quest system keeps everything moving forward, but unfortunately, the game's menus seem a bit unintuitive at first.
Unfortunately, My Railway HD is only available for iPad, so those who only play games on the iPhone will continue to be left without. Still, with enough practice, you'll have an entire fleet of trains traveling to and fro, carrying goods for the masses and earning plenty of profits for yourself along the way.

Still, there seems to be a lot of depth in My Railway HD, with collections to complete, expansions to build and more giving you plenty to experience long into the future.
The new Show Ride editor also allows players to recreate the wilderness for a Safari Train Adventure or Paddle-Steam Cruiser.

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