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I have purchased many Gerber "training pants" at the stores but they always fall apart very quickly. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Your Mom's Gerber Vinyl Pants - ( Diaper Covers) - are now a thing of the past as they have combined the 2 concepts into an easy All in One. We needed these to help our son start potty training, because the disposible training pants are too much like a diaper. These training pants are designed to CONTAIN THE ACCIDENT while still letting the child feel it.
Thanks! Keeps the bed dry (Feb 14, 2013) Reviewer: Raphaele Machado These rubber pants are the best. This was nice to have to put over his cotton training pants to help keep up with his accidents.

Potty training experts all over will tell you this is a must in effective potty training.Now with the Gerber All In ONE Waterproof Trainers you eliminate having to keep up with two sets of pants and who doesn't like adding a bit more ease in today's hectic life style? They held in the moisture really well and my son did inform me that he had wet his pants, but they did not last in our dryer. We'll be saving them for our second son who isn't quited ready to train. Best Plastic Pants (Apr 08, 2009) Reviewer: Gina These are the best plastic pants I have ever purchased! The vinyl is extremely soft, easily wiped down, and allows your child to stay active and mobile.
My daughter is at the bottom of the weight limit, but the elastic leaves marks on her thighs because they are too tight.
I think that it would be nicer to have a material that is still waterproof but more breathable. They leak horribly, the leg holes are so pokey and scratchy I felt bad even putting them on my daughter, they are extremely loud and when i put them in the dryer the plastic melted and tore.

When my son has an accident in these, it's pretty much guaranteed it will go through to his pants. So, we are careful about where and when we use them, and always have an extra pair of pants with us. Also, if you have a problem with clothes getting stuck in your dryer, in between the edge and the rims that run up and down the barrel, I would not recommend putting them in the dryer, because ours have gotten rust stains on them and tiny little tears in the outer vinyl. But, they seem comfortable, are plenty soft, and squish down well underneath tight clothes (they are pretty poofy underneath baggy clothes).

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