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Good protection dogs should have stable temperaments, natural confidence, loyalty to family, high trainability, and a willingness and ability to engage a threat when necessary. A good protection dog has a stable, confident temperament with good discrimination, watchfulness, and natural protectiveness.
A good protection dog should have a stable, confident temperament with good discrimination, watchfulness, and natural protectiveness.
And remember, our prestigious trained German Shepherds are exclusive and highly sought after.
Be subjected to a blank gun being fired during the heeling exercise to test the dog’s gun sureness.
During the obedience and protection phases of the Schutzhund trial, the dog is shown off leash.
In order to guard your peace of mind, and maintain a comforting sense of security for womeng.
Our Protection dogs are great for a woman who feels lonely and needs that comfort level in companion. For the business woman who is looking for the ultimate K-9 Security, reliability is a must, you should consider our line of Executive Protection Dogs for sale.
These dogs have an excellent performance for your Executive K9 Security requirements and will keep your assist safe.
You will feel safe and our smart and loving dogs may just be the extra step in helping you close that deal for your business. These are loyal, well trained watchdogs that thrive on an athletic and active lifestyle, with maintaining thed physical qualities to make it an effective security dog. Our German Shepherds have a reputation of being a physically imposing breed and are regarded as some of the finest guard, police, and military dogs around.
German Shepherds are substantial animals weighing anywhere from 75 to 90lbs and are between 22 to 26 inches tall.
Our watchdogs are the ideal German Shepherds, they are confident, direct, fearless, incredibly loyal and intelligent. The main difference between them being – a watch dog will bark and alert you to a possible threat, whilst guard dogs will defend you or your territory from would be burglars or assailants. We provide businesses with the ability to have a frontline deterrent to any criminal or harmful intent. Our Executive Director of Dogs Training, Dean Calderon, is recognized as one of the world’s top trainers of German Shepherd patrol dogs and their handlers. Our President, Rosie Westerman, educated in Germany, where breeding quality working dogs goes back centuries.
We welcome the opportunity to provide your company with the visual security needed for frontline crime stopping. In case you are planning to get a new dog as your companion while at the same time for protection, it is best to opt for one of the trained German shepherd security dogs. At the present, German shepherds are still trusted security dogs by many families as well as part of the Military and K-9 police force all throughout the globe.
Due to its tenacity, focus and loyalty, this dog breed has earned its position in the Military, police force and in families.
For some people, they have the opinion that as guard dogs, German shepherds are not suitable for families due to their impressive qualities and build. Even though it is highly intelligent, our German shepherds know when there is a time to play.
This dog breed has the ability to learn quickly and follow the instructions of its owner promptly. The best aspect with the trained German shepherd security dogs is that they are ideal for both protection as well as being part of the family. Understanding the purpose of a Protection Dog, is to keep you and your family and others safe. Our Protection Dogs are of the highest quality and safe for children of all ages including infants. Kolenda kennels - german shepherd puppies for sale, Kolenda kennels is a german shepherd breeder located in grand rapids michigan. German shepherd puppies for sale from reputable dog breeders, Find german shepherd puppies for sale with pictures from reputable german shepherd breeders. German shepherd breeders, puppies - fleischerheim, Continuing to bring america the best german shepherd g enetics available in the world. German shepherd puppies for sale - personal protection, Kreative kennels is a working line professional german shepherd breeder.

The foundation for this type of temperament is genetic, and it is then built upon through socialization and training. Wildfires have broken in southern and northern California and probably in or close to a state near you.
Take your dog to cool down with you and your family at the beach to enjoy the beautiful weather. Every dog in Germany, for the last 100+ years, must first pass the working dog trial prior to being used for breeding. During this phase, which is the most important, the dog must be under complete control of the trainer at all times. This, more than anything else, demonstrates to all how well trained these Schutzhund dogs are. Our dogs are fun loving dogs that will be loyal in protecting you filling that void of fear. If you are traveling around with your job and want that extra sense of security, Our German Shepard’s are for you. There is no body guard like our German Shepherds who are trained to keep you safe and loved.
However, they are also common dogs for the blind, proving their adaptability and obedience.
Our German Shepherds are very athletic, that are great for athlete owners and for dog owners who are always on the run.
But professional and confident training like that from International K9 Imports ensures they can tell the difference between normal and abnormal behaviors in different people. All our watchdogs undergo an elite training routine developed in Germany (Schutzhund), which along with stringent breeding checks, includes a series of trials which the dog must pass before they can be bred or sold. A German Shepherd is an intelligent dog that thrives on a sense of duty and mental stimuli.
In their expansion and build-out efforts, many businesses have incorporated state-of-the-art surveillance equipment to protect both people and property.
Through the use of professionally trained German Shepherds, International K9 Imports can provide extra security right where it’s needed most. Dean has considerable experience working with the canine patrols of the Los Angeles Police Department and the canine police in Germany.
She has a wealth of knowledge, experience and relationships, which providers her access to the finest German Shepherds available.
We look forward to providing more detailed information, including demonstrations at your earliest convenience.
You have note that there are many reasons why getting a German shepherd is the ideal option as a guard dog. With highly trained German shepherd security dogs, they are fearless and obedient at the same time. This is the reason why it is important to get a proper trained German Shepherd in order to instruct it either to be aggressive or not towards other people. With the give-and-take personality of this dog breed, the moment their owners spend quality time with them, these dogs will thank them with loyalty, companionship and protection.
Unfortunately this world is not perfect, our dogs offer you that extra since of security with a little love and companion that comes with a dog. We have trained all of our Personal Protection Dogs to be able to ward off multiple aggressors. This will give you options when you are not sure if you need to release your dog for full engagement.
Thus meaning if your child is sitting there petting and slapping your dog, it will realize that it’s life is not in immediate danger. In order to successfully achieve a Schutzhund or IPO title, the dog must undergo a temperament test and rigorous training in obedience, tracking, and protection work. But this type of behavior can indicate a dog that is overly suspicious, nervous, anxious, or fearful; they view everything as a personal threat to their safety, and react aggressively out of worry and self-preservation. Dogs with solid, stable temperaments will typically be quiet and calm in public, confident in their surroundings, watchful but unconcerned with normal everyday occurrences. This type of dog is a liability, because they are not under the handler’s direct control. We here at International K9 imports want to make sure that you take great care of your dog in the heat.
Especially with our smart, intelligent trained German Shepherds you can include them in all the volleyball games and beach games you want to play.

By using this working dog trial, which is judged by impartial judges, German breeders have been able to eliminate those dogs that have undesirable qualities from the breeding program.
A German Shepherd must past this BH test before the dog can proceed to the higher levels in Schutzhund training. If the dog, at any time, demonstrates a lack of control by the trainer, the dog is immediately dismissed. You will feel safe at home, work or out in the streets with your K9 friend will always be looking our for you.
Our dogs are perfect for the single woman who wants that additional freedom to jog or go on long walks and have that added assurance that you have with a Women’s Security Dog specifically trained for you.
We train them to spot the difference between your grandmother, the neighborhood kids and potential assailants.
We take special care in training only small groups of dogs at a time – no more than five to a group.
This prevents them from being swayed by friendly intruders which means they won’t provide sufficient security cover. You can be secure in the knowledge that your security dog is content and well cared for, even when working. Yet even with high-tech surveillance equipment in place, corporate properties often require additional coverage for specific areas, including parking lots and perimeters. The attributes of this magnificent dog breed makes it one of the best security dogs around. Even though they possess an aura of fearlessness and confidence, they love to develop a good relationship with their owners and families. Of course, part of the training does also involve recognizing friends from potential threats. With the trained German shepherd security dogs, you are assured of protection as well as a loyal companion for years to come. Remember not all encounters will result in you needing to bring your Protection Dogs training into full engagement. These working titles help test and demonstrate each dog’s temperament, trainability, confidence, and willingness to engage a threat.
An overly reactive dog with a weak temperament does not make a good protection dog; they view everyone as a foe, and may end up biting indiscriminately. Good protection dogs may show aloof behavior toward strangers, but are not aggressive toward strangers displaying normal, non-threatening behaviors.
Breeds like the German Shepherd Dog are very intelligent and easy to train, and they have the ability to be trained to a very high level. Make sure that your dog has water in their dish at all times and do not leave them out in the sun for long periods of time. Be sure to include a kit with proper food and water wherever you take your dog this summer, because just as thirsty and tired you get; you dog also does as well.
A breeding dog in Germany must also meet other requirements; good hips, conformation, evaluation, and a DNA history of bloodlines before the dog may be bred in Germany.
By investing time in each dog, we can ensure that they are safe to handle in different locals and situations. When it comes to choosing protection dogs, experts claim that the dog should be fast, agile and strong while at the same time easy to train and does never show aggressiveness to its owner.
Once a German shepherd has established a bond with its family, they will become protective of them, especially if there are outsiders or unknown individuals around. The training to achieve these titles also develops self-control in the dog, and develops handler control over the dog. If you keep your dog outside your house, make sure there is proper shade there to keep your dog safe. The dog is then tested in a series of scenarios demonstrating protection of the trainer with absolute control. Our Protection dogs know the difference between an adult and children and the maturity difference between them. We work hard to train and socialize our German Shepherds to ensure they have a stable and confident demeanor and that they can act as an effective security measurement.
An outdoor fan, ice cold water and good old love from there human companion will keep them safe and happy.

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