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Do more with your dog!, Do more with your dog!® is the official sanctioning and organizing body for the sport of dog tricks. Dog attacked by loose pit bulls inside fenced graham, 35 people dead by dog attack in 2014. Below, we’ll go over an overview of German Shepherds and essential tips required in German Shepherd training. There are many different aspects of German Shepherd training that must be taken into account, especially if you are a new or potential dog owner. Understanding the background of German Shepherds in addition to pinpointing what triggers certain behaviors of your dog will put you in a better position to train your German Shepherd dog or puppy given that a healthy relationship between you and your dog will be established. Many people would agree that dogs are “man’s best friend,” as they are loyal, provide us with unconditional love, enjoyment and joy.
German Shepherd training or dog training in general can be broadly divided into two distinct categories: positive and negative reinforcement training. It is extremely important for dog owners to determine their German Shepherd training strategy before attempting to train your German Shepherd. There’s no doubt that dog owners face many different challenges while training their German Shepherds. There are many different things that you can train your German Shepherd in. The most common one for most dog owners is dog obedience training. Aside from having to know all the different types of factors that one should consider while taking on the challenge to train their German Shepherd, it is equally as important to remember to have fun during the entire process!
First of all, I adopted my kids because I wanted a family and international adoption was the only avenue left open to me to get one. I am acutely aware that for me to gain my family, two women across the world suffered a massive loss.
Just as you would a biological child, you can expect an adopted child to appreciate all you do for them, right down to driving carpool and sitting through endless dance recitals. I know my children think about what their lives would have been like had we not been matched as their adoptive parents. I am quick-tempered and as a writer, have an arsenal of words and biting wit at my disposal. Whether you are looking towards getting a German Shepherd or already own one, the German Shepherd Training Academy is your best online resource to learn more about this breed!
We hope that you’ll enjoy the content on this site and we are looking forward to bring you valuable content for you and your German Shepherd. A herding dog is also known as a stock or working dog and through selective breeding of humans, the original predatory behavior in herding breeds have been modified to better serve humans in herding activities. This can certainly make training for both you and your German Shepherd not only an easier, but also a more joyous journey. However, despite this fact, dogs have several destructive tendencies (as mentioned above) which can be troublesome for their owners and sometimes these tendencies make it difficult to live with them. Encouraging your dog’s good behavior through rewards and positive experiences is also known as positive reinforcement training.
This is so that you do not induce fear in your dog when incorporating too many negative reinforcement training into your strategy.
The most common ones related to German Shepherd training are commitment levels to train their dogs, monetary constraints, as well as not having the proper techniques required for German Shepherd training. Typically, this type of training involves having your dog learn basic commands such as sit, stay, okay and so on, training your dog to understand your likes and dislikes as well as to obey your commands. Not only that, German Shepherd training is required for your dog to be obedient, happy and social.
That’s right, German Shepherd training does not have to be something that is viewed on as a burden, but rather, it can be thought of as a hobby. And, before we forget, we hope you’ll enjoy spending time at our site as much as we enjoy writing (and German Shepherds)!
It is not your story to tell and you are no better than the town gossip if you insist on talking about it with everyone who asks. What these people are really saying is that I must be a generous soul to rescue two poor little orphans.
It was not an act of selflessness that led to my becoming a mom; I assure you I was acting entirely in my own best interests.

It is natural that they should want to know about them, who they are, where they are, why they surrendered them.
I tell mine all the time that they are the lights of my life, that I am honored to be their mother, that I love them more than I want my next breath. It is always very tempting to respond rudely to jerks who ask you personal questions about your kids.
I tried to teach my kids, once I learned it myself, that their stories are just that -- their stories.
When you give birth to your child, the assumption is that you will love her and deal with whatever health and developmental issues she has. What terrifies me more is the idea that online bulletin boards were used by parents to advertise their unwanted children and arrange custody transfers that bypassed government oversight. I don't know of any online auction block for unwanted biological children, so how was there one for adopted kids? But the one thing that should be precisely the same is this: Our children are our children forever. It is essential that you, as an owner (or soon to be owner) of a German Shepherd be able to understand the nature of your dog and be able to establish a good relationship which has been proven to help in training your German Shepherd. To get started, read on to get an overview to the ultimate guide to German Shepherd training.
Sure, if you follow the process step by step and utilize the right strategies and techniques consistently, it can be can not only be fun and enjoyable for your whole family, but the whole process will seem much more manageable. As such, herding dogs are typically very bright, intelligent and are also quick to learn since they are required to work with livestock every day.
For more information on what triggers your German Shepherd to act in certain “destructive” ways, check out our post on: Why Your German Shepherd Is Not Listening To You and Steps That Can Be Taken.
Therefore, learning about the nature of your German Shepherd as well as how to train your German Shepherd is vital as it can improve your happiness as well as your dog’s happiness, enhance your bonds and ensure your dog’s obedience. On the other hand, negative reinforcement training can be thought as a form a punishment training with the idea that because of the negative consequences your dog will experience, he would avoid repeating such bad behaviors in the future. While these are certainly valid challenges and concerns for dog owners (especially new ones), it is important to point out that experienced dog trainers have also at some point, experienced these feelings. Each dog owners have different standards as to which of your German Shepherd’s actions are acceptable and unacceptable. Most dog trainers would agree that using a clicker definitely facilitates your German Shepherd’s learning. Let us know if there are any German Shepherd training tips that you’re looking for but can’t find here!
While we live in a culture that encourages sharing, it's really nobody's business that your daughter's mother was an unwed 16-year-old in Wisconsin or that your Chinese child's mother left her in a hotel restaurant frequented by American tourists so you "know" she must have wanted the baby to be found and raised in America. I did it with the noblest of intentions: I spent years parading my kids out, hoping to encourage more older special needs adoptions. They were voiceless parties to a transaction in which they were the goods being transacted. In the broadest sense, I know they would have been fine because both of them are survivors. But before I tell you you shouldn't do this, let me apologize to the woman in the supermarket who in 2004, saw my Chinese daughter sitting in my shopping cart and thought it appropriate to ask me if her father was Asian. They can offer as much or as little information as they want and have no obligation to answer anyone, even if it's an adult or a teacher doing the asking. Older American kids sometimes become available through the foster care system -- a process many adopting families have expressed frustration with.
This is when a family gets a kid it can't handle and works through back channels-- generally online -- to get another family to take the child off their hands. German Shepherds have been taught to do many things, from complicated tricks, to guide and service, search and rescue, and even training to assist police and other law enforcement officers!
This is especially evident for German Shepherd dogs which have been trained as police and law enforcement, rescue and service dogs.
It is however important to note that you should ALWAYS be prepared to housetrain your German Shepherd from the very first day you get him. For a complete breakdown on each of these German Shepherd training challenge, head on over to our blog page.

As such, it is extremely important to set up not only expectations, but also goals for your German Shepherd training sessions. This dog training hobby can bring many benefits, one of which includes lowering stress levels.
I am not jealous or angry when my daughter lights a candle on her birthday cake for her unknown birth mother.
What brought us together was a bureaucrat in China sitting at a desk matching up parents' dossiers and orphans' files. My reply was, "I don't really know, I never got a good look at his face if you get my drift (wink, wink)." Yes, she fled the scene before I could mop up the body parts. But more to the point, your questioner is likely not at all interested in adoption information and is likely just waving his patriotic flag in your face. As such, the German Shepherd breed has often been noted to be one of the smartest and most intelligent breeds in the world.
Their intelligence however, can often be a challenge to their owners as German Shepherds are able to think for themselves and therefore do not entirely comply with their owners.
Don’t forget that you could also hire a dog trainer if you think it would be helpful.
Many studies have shown that owning pets not only results in lower blood pressure during stressful situations, but also, reduces the tendency of individuals  to suffer from depression. To get the opportunity of a family meant severance from their birth culture, native language, and lost access to anything and everything familiar -- food, faces, friends -- literally overnight. Was this just some crazy plan by God to make some poor woman in Guatemala or Korea or Kansas miserable so you could be happy?
A few of them may have issues that are directly connected to the fact they were adopted, but most won't. This website will be everything and anything about German Shepherds with most of the focus on German Shepherd training tips.
We will be looking to conduct interviews with German Shepherd breeders to get a first hand look into their training methods, what worked and what didn’t. In addition, as herding dogs are bred to work with livestock every day, they often seek time for daily exercise and things to do; without which, they often find tasks to amuse themselves by “herding” the family children or family cat.
Click here to find out more about the pros and cons of hiring a dog trainer and house training your German Shepherd: Should You House Train or Hire a Dog Trainer? Note there’s an awesome infographic we designed in the aforementioned post! Therefore, specifying what you want your dog to do well in can make a huge difference in whether you see your German Shepherd training sessions as successes or as failures.
Nowadays, when you meet my kids and see how terrific they are and feel a bit nosy, I will cut you off at the pass.
I tell both my kids what I honestly know about their birth families, which sadly isn't much. Everyone will fare much better once you get over trying to pin every bump on the development road on adoption. Therefore, the decision to own and train a dog should not be taken lightly since there are many essential factors that must be considered. Also, if German Shepherds are left alone for too many hours alone without anything to keep them busy, they can act in a destructive manner – barking for hours, chewing up furniture and digging holes in the backyard of your house! Hyperactive toddlers, defiant teenagers, kids who struggle to learn to read -- not every issue is an adoption issue and you'll turn things around faster if you don't automatically assume it is.
The infographic at the top represents the key components or factors of German Shepherd training.
And should my kids decide to join the legions of other Chinese adoptees who are now starting to search for their biological families, I will be by their sides supporting their efforts. These are explain in the following sections and more detailed information can be found at our Blog page.

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