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You’ve just started an easy job at an ice cream shop on a laidback tropical island, but things get hectic when all of Papa Louie’s loyal customers arrive on the island for vacation! Create the most delicious birthday cake for Zara.Help her making a delicious cake as birthday gift.
Here you will have to keep your picky customers happy as they order tons of wings and things.
In this new installment in Papa Louie’s restaurant series, you’ll need to add ingredients, blend syrups and ice cream, add toppings, and serve the unique Freezeria Sundaes to your waiting customers.This latest game features dozens of syrups, candies, and toppings that unlock as you play, and a variety of new and returning customers looking to beat the heat with your ice cream sundaes. Take orders, run the deep fryers, sauce the wings, and arrange them on a platter with garnishes and sides. The time-management and hands-on gameplay of the series is back, with new challenges related to blending ingredients and serving the right amount of ice cream in sundae cups. Challenging “Closer” customers and the Food Critic return from “Papa’s Taco Mia!”, as well as weekly paychecks, upgrades, and 80 in-game Badges to earn while serving ice cream.New to the series, the sundae shop features over 100 lobby decorations that you can purchase in the Furniture Shop, with each item affecting your scores while playing. You can place decorations any way you like in your lobby, letting you fully customize your shop with wallpaper, posters, furniture and more.
Other types of ice lolly come in plastic sleeves, with no stick, and come ready to freeze by the consumer, so no refrigeration is necessary during storage. Go for a Tiki Island theme, add bookshelves and coffee stands, fill the room with jukeboxes -- the choice is yours!
The cake part is baked to be added in with layers of ice cream to be frozen together as a final product. Ice cream cakes can be made with ice cream and cake, all ice cream, or ice cream and cookies. Snow White Cooking Pumpkin Scones Help snow white to prepare some lovely pumpkin scones in the kitchen!

Report Broken GameSara's SconesSara loves baking and cooking, and today she is inviting her British friends over for tea and scones. Sara's Cooking Class Owl Cake Welcome to another episode of Sara's Cooking Class, the best place on the web to learn how to cook delicious meals! It's time to grab your apron and ready your spatula because Sara has a wonderful recipe to teach you in class today. Sara Graveyard Cake Sara's looking for a Halloween treat that will give her guest's a fuller feeling. Candy is just going to give them a quick sugar rush, and that's not something Sara has ever been interested in! Your parents have planned a lovely party for her and her friends to celebrate her birthday with homemade food and exciting games. Cone Cupcakes Maker Became an expert baking cone cupcakes and decorate them like a pro with this funny cooking game.
Elsa's Wedding Cake Elsa is busy in the kitchen finishing the wedding cake but she needs an artistic eye to decorate it.
Papa's Pancakeria If there's one thing that's constant in this crazy world, it's Papa Louie's adventurous spirit.
Salted Caramel Brownies Test your baking skills in this fun chocolate caramel brownie baking game! Bake these brownies as fast as you can because there are too many kids out there expecting some delicious treats! Serve it up in as many colorful cookies as you can bear to make and decorate in this cute and romantic cookie cooking game. I love the sweet, moist taste of honey cupcakes especially when there are a few dozen chocolate cupcakes slipped in on the side.

Penguin Christmas Cake Decor Let's make a delicious Christmas cake in this great cooking game!
Ella's Wedding Cake Guests are swarming all over the reception, and you need to guide your guests to the perfect slice of cake, or let them just wait until you're ready to serve them!
French Toast Bacon Cupcakes This talented chef has entered a cupcake baking competition, and she has a great idea for a unique cupcake that the judges have never seen before. Almond Coconut Cake Every weekend, you visit your grandmother so that she can teach you secret family recipes.
This weekend, she wants to teach you a recipe for her favorite dessert, almond coconut cake. Anniversary Cupcakes It's an anniversary celebration, and in order to show her love, this young housewife is baking and decorating her signature cupcakes.
Can you think of a better way to bring in the new year than with a sprinkle and confetti covered cake? Christmas Pudding Cake Pops The best kind of chocolate cakes are the ones with rich and creamy chocolate pudding that seeps through the center. Elsa's Valentines Day Cake Can you help our ice queen Elsa from Frozen to bake a delicious valentine's cake? This is the place to play free Cooking games in popular categories such as Baking Games, Cake Games, Ice Cream Games, Meals Games, Pizza Games, Restaurant Games, and much more!

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