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In this game, you - as a knight - have to fight a five-headed dragon, free a princess from captivity and win back royal treasure. Kindergarten is a fun-filled, colorful and interactive management game where you play Mila, the kindergarten owner! Brick breaking Bongo Boogie is making people of all ages go wild for manic monkeys and quirky coconuts! Create action scenes by placing superhero and supervillain stickers on mysterious backgrounds in this sixth Sticker Book.
Animals Coloring Book will help to bring out the artistic flair in your children and also give them something creative to do on the computer by coloring in pictures presented in a brilliant three dimensional interface. The Retro Game Pack is a collection of 9 classic games from the early days of Dataware (Ant Attack, Find the Flag, Fire Fighter, Letter Drop, Letter Drop 2, Sliding Puzzle, Stamp Pad, Supernova, and the original Winged Warrior).

A turn-based strategy game in which you command either the United States' military or China's military.
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Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background". Discover fun things about cool dinosarus like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brontosaurus, and the Stegosaurus. Choose from superheroes, superbabies, and supervillains who have the ABCs on their outfits. It has the same interface as the first Coloring Book with large buttons that make it easy to use for children, but there is new background music.

There are dozens of scenic backgrounds including beaches and ships to use with the hundreds of pirate and soldier stickers.
Choose from different character sets for your chess pieces including dinosaurs, insects, traditional pieces, and more.

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