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Parents may show that they are willing to engage in an activity that is important to daughters. Researchers speculated that it was mostly dads who were co-playing, because mothers did not often report playing video games with their kids. Dikkers, a former teacher and administrator who is now a doctoral candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has written about playing games at home with his 12-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter. In the BYU study, researchers noted that while boys play games more overall, and play video games with their parents as much as girls, they did not benefit as girls did.
More research is needed in order to confirm that these findings hold over time, but the authors note that this is the first study to show positive association for girls who play video games with their parents. Recent data from the Pew Internet & American Life Project shows that game play is nearly universal among teenagers in the United States, with 94 percent of teen girls playing games and 99 percent of teenage boys. Spotlight covers the intersections of technology and education, going behind the research to show how digital media is used in and out of classrooms to expand learning.

Race your car and reach the end-line after shooting down all the 15 enemy bunkers, and 17 enemy cars in minimum time. Second, playing video games can represent quality time between a daughter and a parent, especially when such play involves conversation between parent– child. This co-playing may be an indicator of more involved parenting at large, the researchers said. Dikkers says parents can use the gaming experience to teach kids important skills, such as self-control, critical thinking and how to be part of a community.
One possible explanation, researchers said, is that because boys play more games, playing with parents may not have stood out as much for them.
The authors also caution that this study cannot determine that it is the act of playing with parents that causes these improved outcomes.
That same study also found that gaming is a very social experience for most teenagers – 76 percent of adolescents say they play with friends, either in person or online.

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