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This gorgeous little part of town was hand made in Roblox, and is a space anyone can visit and enjoy and after your visit you can also make any place you want. When your magical kingdom is attacked by the evil wizard you have to rebuild it all up before he comes back. Kickstart your very own popstar career!Take singing lessons, give performances and go on tours to get fans and in-game cash.Enjoy a world of classic gaming, fashion contests and other fun stuff in this virtual world. Relive the Farm Frenzy experience in this new title.Breed turkeys, produce eggs, pancakes and other products to earn more coins.Do you have what it takes to save your granny's farm from foreclosure?
Fashion has always been an integral part of every single large scale virtual world game out there and IMVU is no exception. Become a famous superstar in Movie Star Planet a virtual world where you become the center of attention. 21 Here is a list of games that are similar to Movie Star Planet.i-Dressupi-dressup is for all those who have been looking to dress up cutely and dazzle everybody!
With the help of your Shmoo's plant crops, build new homes and find the resources you need. It actually focuses a lot more on this aspect than most other virtual worlds and in this article wea€™ll be talking about all things fashion in IMVU. In order to pursue your dreams, you move to the big city in search of adventure and thrill and to finally become what youa€™ve always dreamed of.When you get into the game youa€™ll quickly see that it has without a doubt one of the best tutorial phases out there for any virtual world game. As you move into the big city, your friend Jenna helps you settle in by finding you an apartment and guiding you through all the basics like how to decorate your apartment, how and where to shop and all the related things. You can call upon Jenna for help at any time youa€™d like and later on shea€™ll also help you pursue a career path of your choice by setting up meetings with her contacts.Going into the gameplay aspects, City Girl Life has a lot of things that will keep you interested for long periods of time. We scouted for ideas all over the internet, and here are the best avatar names that we found. Before you get started you’ll need to choose an avatar and get it customize the way you want it.
The next step would be to go shopping, you will purchase some home furnishings to get your new home all fixed up with some cool interior decorations. As you progress through the game youa€™ll eventually be given the option to acquire a second floor for your apartment so the possibilities become pretty much doubled.Due to the theme of the game, therea€™s naturally a lot of shopping involved. Swap clothes with your friends who have a good fashion sense and then take time to scope out some of the hottest fashions at the mall to gain ideas for future looks.

The amount of stores in the game is obscene and each different store has its own unique variety of items to offer which is great as a good variety of things keeps players interested for long.
The game also emphasizes a bit on keeping things a bit closer to reality so can also perform everyday tasks such as eat, drink and even sleep to recharge your energy.The career aspect of the game is the main focus of City Girl Life. Play as Lily, Sarah, or Ella in a world that will let you earn in-game money that you can go shopping. You can be anything you want such as a singer, chef, artist, author and a bunch of other options. When you choose a profession youa€™ll be assigned new tasks each day depending on what path you took and to become a true success youa€™ll have to execute these tasks in a timely and professional manner.Going into the visual aspects, this is a pretty good looking game.
Here you get to dress yourself however you want and make friends with others who share your interests. The overall a€?big citya€™ theme has been executed quite nicely, character designs are top notch and overall everything looks really sharp and clear. One slight drawback of the game is that the screen often becomes a bit too cluttered so it can be a bit hard to navigate around but this is a minor issue and occurs rarely.Being a Facebook based game, ita€™s only natural that it would have top of the line social features.
Enjoy dressing uo you favorite fashion dolls, play mini-games, watch videos and even access each of their secret diaries.
Each of your friends that plays the game becomes added as your neighbor and you can interact with them in various ways such as going to their apartment for a visit, sending thoughtful gifts and a lot of other things that make playing with your friends a lot more fun.As for micro-transactions, there are many different things that you can get your hands on with real world money.
Each currency has its own distinct use and each of them can be acquired through micro-transactions.City Girl Life is a high quality virtual world game that anyone would love to play because of its setting and wide array of gameplay features. Our World will give you something to do as well as give you a job and a chance to climb the social ladder. You will get to shine as you have your own custom avatar, and your own custom home that you can entertain guests in and even play mini-games. Surely you love them too and that is why you will simply love having all your three likes in the same place.
Play NowMore About This GameIMVUEnter a virtual chat world that will let you customize an avatar to look the way you want it to. Once you dress your doll, you can even take up a related job such as makeup artist, dressmaker, secretary, babysitter, and hairstylist.
Second Life will let you fully customize your own avatar, buy and sell items, and even own your own home and land.

There are also many different home furnishing stores, as you will b buying the items needed to get your home in tip top shape. This game makes it easier than ever before to make friends and put together the most amazing outfits that you will ever see, and you can even talk about outfits that others have put together. Whatever you like to do, there is probably something exciting waiting for you in this game.
This is the place to go when you want to have fun and meet new people without sacrificing anything. Here, you can build up your own home, create your own avatar, make friends, and do much more. There is always something for you to do in this game, making it one of the most fun and enjoyable games available today.
If you love being able to manipulate and customize the world while making friends and taking away a green message, you are going to adore everything about this game. It is incredibly easy to play , and you can simply explore premade locations and make new friends. It gives you the chance to socialize and explore your creativity in one game and in a way that everyone can enjoy. You can move around the different areas, meet new people, and much, much more, and all in this one browser based game. This game is really giving you everything that you want and more than you could have ever imagined. See Movie Star Planet Merchandise Author: Ella Walker View all posts by Ella WalkerElla has been playing video games for over 15 years. She worked for a large game production company before and after quitting it in 2003, became a freelance writer.

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