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I understand that the environment of GTA is not all that customary for a woman, but it's the freedom to actually play as a female is what makes it so alluring to me.
This is Karen,my female avatar,doesn"t she hot enough for sure, i will give u a nice blowjob if you want,of course that will cost u $500,000 per service!!!
I try to dress her normal and i usually use the natural makeup but i do change it up every now and again.
My female toon has the "natural look" make up, no tats, she normally wears the black leather jacket, the tan t shirt, faded jeans and street shoes.
Every once in awhile, I will put her in the two tone suit top, the tan shirt, the gray pants and black high heels.
If I'm not on a mission, I sometimes put her in the white and tan striped hoodie, white shorts and sandals. There seems to be a trend at the moment of female-related gaming articles going out, be they "Boobplate" references, female rights in gaming, even how to make gaming more accessible to the fairer gender.
There often comes the occurrence when you are playing a video game and you see a female avatar, and a guy playing it. I am going to show various quotes on the topic, from sources on The Escapist Forums for reference material. I won't lie, as a male gamer the often over exaggerated female forms in video games are, more often than not, very pleasing to the eye. More often then not in most fighting games, the male counterparts have the strong combinations--and the females tend to have the faster styles and some funky acrobatics, for some reason. It's no secret that some men are more feminine than others, some are homosexual, others just a little camp.
GameSkinny is part of the Launch Media Network, the creators of GamerLaunch and other great tools for gamers! Tip: To use this avatar as your display picture in AIM, Yahoo or Live Messenger, simply right-click on the image and select "Save picture as". A new Stanford University study looks at the connection between hyper-sexualized gaming characters and the way female players view rape and their own bodies. The debate over whether we should worry about little boys playing violent video games never seems to die down.
But playing Lara Croft — the wasp-waisted, impossibly large-breasted protagonist in the Tomb Raider video-game series who fights bad guys in an ever-so-practical tight tank top and short shorts — might be worse than watching Miley Cyrus twerking in a bikini. The Stanford researchers asked 86 women ages 18 to 40 to play using either a sexualized (sexily dressed) avatar or a nonsexualized (conservatively dressed) avatar. Those women who played using sexualized avatars who looked like them were more accepting of the rape myth, according to the study.

Though this is a small study and certainly not a definitive answer to the question of how video games affect female players, the results do raise concerns.
But even as more researchers study issues around women in gaming and protests against sexism in gaming grow, it’s unlikely that video-game companies are going to change their character-design strategy anytime soon. And while the makers of this fall’s record-breaking hit, Grand Theft Auto V, have got complaints about the fact that you can’t play as a female character in the game (even though you can play as a man and kill prostitutes), maybe it’s better that way — at least until someone gives the women in these games a real makeover.
Either they have some odd face paint on or they dress like strippers from the Vanilla Unicorn.
But anyway, if anyone has similar thoughts or cool descriptions of their chars, I'd be happy to read. Id like to be able to alter her face again but unfortunately Im stuck with my girl avatar since shes my highest ranked and Im not looking to start all over. Many of you are very susceptible to wondering why this is the case, so I will go rather in depth on the subject to the best of my ability. Many a game developer tries to make their games more pleasing to the eye, and often it works for their characters and avatars too. There seems to be some sexist stigmata held by those in the gaming community that say women are bad at playing games (Yesterday on Black Ops I saw a gamer-tag similar to "Rud3 Girl" get top score on my team!) And because of this, when a male plays a female, he's assumed, whether consciously or not, to be a girl. In many games, especially MMOs there are different kinds of people, but the one I am going to address now is that 15 year old basement dwelling antisocial type of guy who's never encountered a girl in his life.
I've met and enjoyed the company of quite a few men who bat for the other team--who play female avatars because that's the best reflection they believe of themselves, or in other cases to escape from the reality of being a man for a set period of time with all of these expectations of what men are. And studies have shown that sexualization of women in the media can negatively impact young girls’ body image.
Researchers have demonstrated that embodying characters in virtual worlds has a stronger effect on gamers than just passively watching a character; game play can influence off-line beliefs, attitudes and action thanks to a phenomenon called the Proteus effect in which an individual’s behavior conforms to their digital identity. Previous studies have shown playing with a doppleganger can lead the user to replicate the doppleganger’s eating patterns, experience physiological arousal or prefer a brand of product endorsed by the doppleganger. Those with sexualized avatars were more likely to self-objectify in their essays after play. As many as 46% of gamers are women, and according to this research, in many of the most popular games, their options for female avatars are mostly ones with absurdly exaggerated, busty body types.
I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with that, but it's awkward to see them in cutscenes with other players. Because you see that female avatar, your mind, as programmed, thinks "female." Until you tell it that a man is hiding behind that character, and that's if you even know that a man is playing that avatar. Perhaps I could have explained that better, but trust me, you get some seriously desperate guys online.

For example, you come home from work, knackered, tired, and you just want to sit down and get away from it all. Instead they go into a game world where they can act how they feel behind a female avatar and not have other people perk brows, question, make them feel self conscious or alienate them. Women who used sexy avatars to represent themselves in video games were more likely to objectify themselves in real life. It’s for that very reason that moms worry about their daughters watching the Video Music Awards. Given that connection, this new study looked at whether embodying sexualized female avatars online changed women’s behavior.
And many of those female gamers are young girls: 31% of girls ages 8 to 18 report playing video games on any given day.
Does anyone actually dress your female with the skirts, the camisoles, the sandals, the necklaces or earrings? If you have read my previous articles, you'll likely know that I am somewhat a troll and a half.
So by playing as the complete reverse of what you are, it is almost as if you are completely forgoing reality by being that female character.
The girls I do know who play WoW are often getting whispers of; "Will you go out with me (despite not even knowing your real name)?" or "Cam?" and other similar strange things that you wouldn't say to a girl you've just met in real life unless you were a sociopath. In some cases I have witnessed voice changing software from my friends on XBox Live and all manner of things to exploit this. It's just a way of these people to act how they want to without being penalized for it by homophobia. In the past, on a female avatar I had (Blood Elf healer on WoW), I was getting whispers myself.
That's exactly the reason I endorse this, although I would prefer to have them play as a man and know they swung that way as I don't like being lied to, but I understand this can be a reason for them to express themselves in ways they would likely be judged for in real life. That's 16,000 golds worth of awesome on my server, and as it was The Wrath of The Lich King Expansion, it was worth a lot more than it was now.

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