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But it is a difficult and tough to train descriptive study of gender and roughage or fiber (fruits. Robert Edwards is the creator of the Squatty Potty, a device that fits around the base of a toilet and makes it easier for users to squat, instead of sit, on the john.
The 37-year-old contractor and designer isn’t the first person who's tried to cash in on the decades-old theory that humans are better suited to squat. But when Edward’s noticed that his elderly mother, who suffered from hemorrhoids and constipation, was using a bulky step stool to achieve a more vertical posture, he decided to create a squatting platform that takes up less space and costs around $35 a pop. In the last year, Edwards tells NPR that he’s sold 10,000 Squatty Pottys without any advertising. A 2003 study by Israeli doctor Dov Sikirov tested the idea by surveying subjects whom he asked to try each of three positions: sitting on a 16-inch-high toilet, sitting on a 12-inch-high toilet and squatting over a plastic container. Um, I'm not really sure what the purpose of this book was, and you'd think it would be pretty obvious.

Squatting, Edwards says, can end hemorrhoids, prevent colon disease and offer numerous other health benefits. Slate has a good round-up of other squatting devices, such as Nature’s Platform, a $150 item that fits over toilets to make them more like holes in the ground. His pitch to customers is backed up by a growing body of research -- and a nifty cartoon -- that suggests squatting during defecation reduces straining, which is the main cause of hemorrhoids. Sikirov found that, when squatting, subjects averaged 51 seconds to move their bowels, compared with 130 seconds when sitting on a high toilet.
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It's not a story in itself, but a compiled of illustrated situations frequents when toilet training. There’s also the In-Lieu, the Lillipad and the Evaco toilet converter, each of which cost at least $90.

Earlier this year, his foundation hosted the Reinvent The Toilet Fair in Seattle, with the ultimate goal of developing a sanitation system that eliminates waste without the use of running water.
These 27 humorous vignettes are cleverly captioned illustrations designed to help parents and kids cope with the challenges of toilet training. My kids have loved to see hundreds of times those familiar situations that include many things their are struggling with, like the potty, toilet rings, "accidents", still using diapers during the night, parades to celebrate success, underwear, etc.Check out more children's book reviews in my Reviews in Chalk Blog!
Throughout the book, McGrath's sentiment--that neither parents nor children need to take potty training too seriously--is made crystal clear. Boys and girls will enjoy seeing their own amusing potty experiences repeated on these pages.

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