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For your remote construction project or a VIP treatment to your guests, we carry the Special Trailer with portable restroom and shower!  These units will provide needed sanitation and will make your event a memorable one.  No water or electric hook ups required since the units are equipped with water tanks. Portable restrooms come in handy at a range of public functions, but when it comes to triathlons, marathons and other public races, time is of the essence. How many participants will there be? The ideal is for racers to have access to unoccupied units at all times. Where should the units be placed? Be thoughtful about where you place the portable restroom units.
Failure to place enough portable restrooms along your race route will result in desperate runners taking their business off the beaten track. Take advantage of volunteers. Use volunteers in bright clothing, large and bright signs with easy-to-read lettering, and balloons to highlight the racing restroom areas. No matter where you are, if it feels like your bladder is twisting itself into a pretzel and holding up a "bathroom, ASAP" sign, you just gotta go. If you sprinkle when you tinkle… When you hover over the seat, chances are you'll get some excess urine on it. By clicking "Sign in", you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy.
By clicking "Create Account", you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy. Portable toilets are great for many occasions, whether it is a wedding, a family get together, or providing your workers with restroom space during a construction project.
We provide the absolute highest quality portable toilets with outstanding professional service right to you. We know that there are special needs for those who are not able to do things as the same as everyone else.
Everybody needs to use the bathroom, which is why you’ll find race organizers make sure to line routes with portable restrooms for marathons. A clearly defined restroom strategy at the starting line can help you enjoy your marathon walking experience. There is a good reason portable restrooms for marathons are so popular and in demand: Everyone uses them. The lines will be long, the people waiting with you will be anxious, but do not let these facts dissuade you from using the portable restrooms near the starting line. If possible, call the race organizers and find out exactly how many and where their portable restrooms will be. Contact us at Gotta-Go-Now for more information about portable restrooms for running races.
Here’s a look at two ways portable restrooms are making a positive impact on people and places you might have never before considered.
Believe it or not, there are billions (yes, “billions” with a “B”) of people living in China and India who do not have access to toilets. To help disadvantaged people around the world, the portable restroom industry has begun sending tens of thousands of portable restrooms to areas of the world that lack sufficient restroom facilities.
Some of the shortage can be blamed on agriculture, which uses a lot of water and is rapidly growing around the world.
Portable restrooms save 125 million gallons of water every day (45 billion gallons a year) because, unlike traditional plumbing, they don’t waste any water when they’re flushed. For more information on how you can have the best portable restrooms in the industry at your next event, contact us at Gotta-Go-Now today!
The world is in the midst of a crisis, one that easily flows across boarders and affects people living in North America, Europe, South America, Africa and Australia. Everyone, it seems, needs to step up and conserve water—and that’s exactly what the portable restroom industry is doing. But because Jiffy Lube Live features rows and rows of portable restrooms, flushes are decreased and water is saved. If you’re in need of portable restrooms for your next event, please contact us at Gotta-Go-Now.
Using double stick tape, hang some lightweight artwork on the inside walls of the porta potty. Porta potties may be small, but with just a few touches and items that would be found in a normal bathroom, the space can be much more inviting.
There are certain things that every bathroom should have and by adding a basket filled with these items to the space, the porta potty will be more appealing to your guests. We invite you to contact us at Gotta-Go-Now for more information regarding our standard portable restrooms. They are portable restrooms—and most people don’t recognize the important role they play in making sure people and the environment stay healthy.
But personal privacy and public decorum are only two of the benefits of portable restrooms—and they’re not even the most important.

Right now, there are more than 1.5 billion people living in China and India don’t have access to toilets. Easy-to-fight diseases and illnesses such as diarrhea, arsenicosis and cholera spread quickly these communities. People without access to properly functioning toilets (or even one place to collect waste) don’t get to reap the benefits of sanitation—because they don’t have the tools to keep their communities sanitary.
Portable restrooms, however, can and are being brought in, set up and used in these communities. Owned by Kevin Gore, our business have the knowledge and equipment to cover almost any-sized event.
For this reason, it’s important that event planners account for the number of racers, course layout, and optimal portable restroom placement when preparing for race day. To prevent this, aim to place clusters of portable restrooms, with several groupings of four to five porta potties each, along the race route. Contact us at Gotta-Go-Now today and we’ll help you order the right amount of portable restrooms to keep your race participants happy.
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Even though they're usually so dirty they seem like the actual depths of hell, don't leave bottles, cans, food wrappers, or other trash behind, says Gottsman. Take a break from playing around with your friends in the waves and isolate yourself while you're doing the deed. One big thing to keep in mind with restroom etiquette: Although you may know how dirty the flusher is and be able to lift your foot to reach it, some people don't have that option. A little pee session is the perfect time to scroll through Instagram or look around for good brunch places, right?
If you head into the bathroom and see a colleague, acknowledge them politely, then get to business. Good hand-washing is key for proper hygiene, but it also reassures your coworkers that you're a clean person, says Gottsman. If you're pee-shy or just curious in general, you might get the urge to look under the stalls to see who else is there.
Porta potties come in many different shapes and sizes and we certainly have one that can fit in any location where you need it. Therefor, we provide the highest quality hand washing stations with absolute best hand sanitizer available today. This means they can often run out of the necessities, namely toilet paper and hand sanitizer. They line race routes with volunteers handing out orange slices, energy gels, and an array of hydrating drinks. Some people see them as something to be tolerated when no other options exist to help them answer nature’s call. When nature calls, they answer wherever they can—often in ditches, rivers or hidden behind dumpsters on the street. The portable restrooms provide people with a safe place to relieve themselves—and they help keep the water clean and diseases down.
Not just in the United States, but in other countries in North America, South America, Europe and Africa. Consider how much water is saved every time 25,000 people pack Jiffy Lube Live for a James Taylor, Coldplay or Jimmy Buffett concert.
It happens all across the country at sporting events, concerts, festivals and celebrations. Many people make the mistake of thinking that porta potties do not meet certain criteria for their upscale event. If you are holding a special event, such as an outdoor wedding, you could choose to hang poster sized images of the couple or posters with favorite wedding quotes. Try placing a small rug on the floor and adding fragrant flowers or a diffuser in a vase on the small shelf near the door.
Fill a basket with essentials, such as toilet paper, hand wipes, hand sanitizer, and paper towels or napkins, and set it inside.
To understand just how important portable restrooms are to society, you need to understand the benefits of sanitation. Each year, 700,000 kids around the world die because their drinking water has been contaminated with human waste.
You don’t have to look further than recent natural disasters to see how portable restrooms make a difference in the lives of people you know. If your runner’s village is separate from the starting line, you may need almost twice the number of total restrooms between the village, starting lines, and racing route. You want to avoid having long lines in any location; this will cause racers to enter undesignated restroom areas.

Point being, while pursuing the comfort of emptying your bladder, you don't want to inadvertently make someone else feel uncomfortable or awkward! If you know you're going to a sports game or music festival where porta-potties abound, you can minimize the inevitable ick factor by arming yourself with wet wipes and hand sanitizer. While other people may not care, a porta-potty is still a restroom, so the "leave it as clean as you found it" rule still applies. Once you've done your business quickly and efficiently, it's kind to let the next person know if things are especially bad in there.
You can pretend you're trying out a new stroke, head a bit away to a less populated area, then let loose. People are prone to noticing if you always waltz out after just a cursory splash on your hands with no soap. We also offer portable toilets that are able to be rolled around a construction site, so that you can take it with you up an elevator or to other locations where it may not be possible to easily reach a restroom. On the day of the walk, you make your way to the starting line and lose yourself in the moment. If the race is chip-timed, your clock won’t start ticking until you cross the start line.
Only very few people fully recognize and appreciate the impact portable restrooms make in communities across the country and around the world. If every person used a traditional toilet just once, that would be 25,000 gallons of water flushed away. However, there are unique ways to decorate these on-the-go facilities and make them feel more efficient for the occasion. You can also use double sided tape to hang other decor, such as flowers or a small wreath, on the door.
If this event will be held at night, you may even want to light a candle inside or use battery operated lights to create a comfortable setting.
Victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy all benefited when the portable restroom industry united to make thousands of portable restrooms available while the government was working to provide food and water. Choose us when you need large-scale restroom support but don't want to sacrifice quality and convenience.
Women require more time than men to use the restrooms, so take that into consideration as well.
With that in mind, here are Gottsman's tips for minding your manners while you go number one.
Not only will you feel cleaner, you won't be touching people with unclean post-porta potty digits, says Gottsman. Still, out of respect for other people at the beach, you should only go in the ocean if you've done your due diligence in seeking out a bathroom. Toss them into the little receptacle and make sure they're completely in there, not half-in, half-out, says Gottsman. That also applies if you're done when someone you need to chat with enters the bathroom. Etiquette is often about the smaller touches that show how thoughtful you are without really costing you much. Call us today at 602-903-6699 to inquire about our portable toilets and see how our porta potties can fit your needs. Learning how to decorate a porta potty for events will change your idea of how this convenient service can be used. Human waste running down hills, getting into the water, sticking to the bottom of your shoes. It's also not the most polite thing in the world to keep it to yourself, but still pee next to them anyway.
Serving Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert, Ahwatukee, Apache junction, Gold Canyon, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Florence, Coolidge, Sacaton, Maricopa, Marana, Casa Grande, Arizona City, Tucson, Arizona. Consuming anything new during the race could cause you to make more frequent stops at the many portable restrooms for marathons that line the track. Make sure your quasi-privacy isn't close to a coral reef though, as that can potentially damage their growth, says Gottsman.
And if you try to use your foot and you're inebriated or in high heels (or both), you could injure yourself.

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