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No need for paint or stencils, simply peel and place our fabric letters where you want to decorate!!! Browse our Wall Art, Letters & Decals section and our Personalized Wall Art for many more ways to personalize and decorate your walls!
This Green Baby Bjorn Potty Chair is like a comfy "armchair" for your child and a good place to start an adventure in potty training.
If you personalize with a name it will look nice in bedrooms or on nightstands, while a family name or initial will look nice in common areas in the house.
The lamp shades are lightly textured and the ribbon trim with satin finish gives a polished look.
My personal opinion is that you start training them by sitting down and then once they have mastered potty training and are accident free, you then teach them to urinate standing up! No matter which path you take - this green urinal for boys is perfect for toddler boys who are learning to urinate standing up!
This little urinal gives your toddler the independence to go and urinate when he needs to go; he can easily reach the urinal - it is at his level.

The urinal can be attached to the toilet or the shower with suction cup or to the wall with screws. If you cannot find the pattern or colors you want, browse our custom wall letter decals to see what we have made for our customers and contact us with your needs. Peel back a little of the liner on the top edge of the wall letter and position on the wall.
Once installed, wipe the graphic with a soft, dry cloth to remove any particles that may have accumulated. It features a high back, comfortable armrests, and plenty of leg room all of which has made it a hit with both children and parents. This green potty chair also has an inner potty that is easily removed for emptying and cleaning. Parents of toddler boys are always wanting to know about the splash guard, rest assure this potty chair has a high splashguard! The medium size will illuminate a smaller area and the larger size emits more light and works well as a reading lamp.

Use a squeegee or credit card to press the graphic onto the wall as you pull more of the liner away until the letter has completely adhered to the wall. With all the patterns and designs to choose from they will look great with any decor for kids to adults.
If a bubble appears, gently pull the graphic away from the wall and reapply with the squeegee. He has plenty of room to go tee tee and poo poo and and the nice high back gives him support.

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