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Baby girls' growth chart: 0 12 months - babycenter, See this growth chart for baby girls to make sure your baby's height, weight and head circumference are within the normal range of other girls her age.
Baby weight percentile - generate baby growth chart , Monitor baby weight percentile baby standard growth chart. Baby growth chart: track baby' growth development, Your baby' growth recorded percentile chart. Baby growth charts: percentiles , If baby “ curve” growth chart, ’ paralleling percentile lines chart, odds good caloric.
One for her new baby boy and the other for her little girl, she couldn’t be left out!!! Okay, maybe that’s the only justification.  I do have a lot of excuses, but you are here for the tutorial not excuses, so here we go!
1 1x6x6 MDF Board (You can find these at the hardware store.  They come in 8 foot boards, but just have the hardware store workers cut it down for you).

Picture hanger.  The saw looking thing on the back of frames that holds up pictures (found at the hardware store).
Here are the toppers.  I cut these beauties out with a band-saw.  That band-saw is a cool tool BTW!
I did one for a family whose husband was 7 feet 2 inches, so the bottom of the board was 20 inches and it went up to 7 feet 2 inches because the little boy had a good chance of being that tall too!!
Then take a straight edge and mark the lines.  Be careful not to smudge the lines that were just drawn. Attach your toppers with wood glue…I was still out of wood glue so I used my staple gun.
My hubby and I were just talking a couple of nights ago about getting one of these for our little guy – now I’ve got a reason! I have been one of the people nagging you guys to put up the tutorial and I’m so excited to make it!

I was thinking instead of vinyl you could also collect various numbers from old houses, blocks, magnets if you didn’t have a vinyl cutter. If a puppy is not in the ranges shown, it is suggested that the breeder or a veterinarian be contacted.
Great…now I’ve added another project to the ever-growing list ?? Thanks a bunch for the tutorial! Unauthorized copying, extraction or any other use is not allowed except with our prior written permission.

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