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Our Music classes provide an active and playful approach that will have you dancing, singing and playing instruments together. The heart of our programs have always been about you and your little one, and supporting how you play and learn together.
Gymboree Play & Music has helped my son to develop in many ways, but walking was our biggest concern. Thank you to the amazing program of Gymboree Play & Music and its teachers, our son Annan has completely matured and grown into an active, confident, outgoing and social toddler.
This Fair Isle Flair Dress is way too cute on Danika with the ruffled skirt and warm sweater material. I also got Aiden the matching Festive Fair Isle sweater and I loved how well it matched Carson and Danika. As you are planning your children’s holiday outfits go check out all of the Gymboree holiday outfits!
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Providing you with the most memorable learning experiences at Gymboree Play & Music is what means the most to us.
Before attending classes, Annan was very shy, often timid when brought before a group of kids or adults. He's been walking around the house getting into everything, paying close attention to the TV when children songs come on, and always want to be active around the house. There are always tons of photo opps during our Christmas celebrations and I love that they all coordinate well together in the photos when I dress them alike. It was warm and comfortable so he could still move around easily and play without feeling confined to dress clothes all day.
Pair it with black tights and shoes and you have the perfect dressy look for all Winter long! I like to get my outfits early so I can snap some great pics for our Christmas cards and then the kids can wear their outfits to our holiday celebrations!
We want to thank you for being your child’s best teacher, and for being a part of our global play community. At home, he was very outgoing and cheerful yet when we take him out, the same problem occurred.
Being that I have 2 boys and a girl I have to get creative when dressing them so that my daughter can still be really girly and the boys can still wear what they like too.

Each week, he sees familiar faces and has started to respond enthusiastically to other parents and kids in his group.
All of the kids responded to her well, and she ran the party with a great pace - mixing directed baby activities with periods of free play in between.
My wife and I often worried about his behaviors and questioned about our ways of raising him.
What a joy it was to  hear so many young children using their singing voices for the first time! I love the holiday lines at Gymboree because they allow me to easily dress my three kids in adorable holiday looks that coordinate and look amazing on all of them!
They last through several hand me downs too so I know that Carson will always get lots of wear out of Aiden’s clothes once he outgrows them.
The Children’s Place Americana CollectionMaster The Season With Tips For The Holidays From MasterCard! He is getting stronger, and the rest of his day is happier after we leave Gymboree play classes.
There was an excellent variety of equipment and activities to suit the wide age range of party guests. My wife suggested we take him to Gymboree and it has been one of the best investment we made in our son's future. With fun classes devotes to supporting multi-aged learning, children 0-5 years are encouraged to socially interact and learn from each other.
I am loving the Joyful Holiday Fair Isle collection and I’m thrilled with how adorable my kiddos look in their new holiday outfits!
The toddlers in the group were free to run about and join in the group activities as they pleased, which was a relief to us as Kiley was excited and eager to touch and try everything in the center. In the classes, it teaches him how to interactive, think, play, share, sing, dance, jump, and all the wonderful things that toddlers are supposed to do.
We have heard good things about Gymboree but we were still skeptical about signing up for the class, because what could they possibly do for babies at such a young age?
The other rewarding part of teaching today's lesson was having parents tell me how much fun they had!
The parachute play was fun for the kids and adults, the amazingly long lasting bubbles were a huge hit, and the cake & ice cream supplied by Gymboree were delicious! We are so happy, Annan is interacting with such joy and enthusiasm compared to his first few classes.

They seemed to love going back to the 80's and reliving music that was popular when they were kids. We live in Minnesota and while having bare arms looks pretty and sweet, it’s not always practical to wear a sleeveless dress! He now participate in all activities and oftentimes he is the first one to befriend other kids. We couldn't be more happy with the progress of our child's development and recommend the program to many of our friends. She also loves the Gymbo song recently we bought her a Gymbo and she wants to take him everywhere. I'm not sure if it was the colorful room, or the colorful gym and play mats that was going to be all for him to play on. Our instructor, Katy, was so playful, kind, and absolutely knows how to get the toddlers' attention. What's also great about Gymboree Play & Music, was the toddlers that were there with Jack and the activities they do together. They are all around the same age group, they pretty much do the same thing - wobbling around - and I think they understand one another.
Jack is so cheesy every time he sees Gymbo and the kids at the beginning of the class when they do warm-ups with Gymbo. Just about every 5 minutes or so, they would have different activities like: climbing onto the bridge to get to the slide, sliding down the slides, bouncing on air tubes, going through tunnels, and so much more.
After the kids get their warm-ups and have good bonding time with kids while conquering their obstacles, they would join Gymbo and play and sing together.
I can't describe the bubbles but they are different than the bubbles you get at the stores.
The bubbles seems to be more solidified, which would give Jack a chance to actually pop them. Another thing I liked about the class is: not only the children get to have a great time, but the parents' also. Overall, we rate Gymboree with 2 thumbs up!Now that we had signed up, we don't see ourselves quitting the enrollment EVER (unlike our gym membership).

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