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Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) ed Albus Silente (Michael Gambon) discutono amabilmente nei pressi del Ministero della Magia. To use it is the Art." - The Great and Secret Show (Clive Barker) "Things need not have happened to be true. Tales and dreams are the shadow-truths that will endure when mere facts are dust and ashes, and forgot." - Morpheus, The Sandman - Dream Country (Neil Gaiman) "A powerful agent is the right word.
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Sure, the stories may be derivative, distillations of so much fantasy that’s gone before. Sure, Rowling may not be the greatest writer on the planet, but she does spin a yarn that keeps you reading, and what more do we really want than that? She comes up with the best names.I was a bit of a critic at first, especially of the first couple of books. It’s true to some extent, but Rowling kept going, she created a remarkable world and truly interesting characters. But Rowling got young people excited about books again, and for that she deserves a knighthood or a statue or something.

We can forgive the small things in the face of the big achievement.And that achievement is seven books that sell better than the Bible. Sure, there have been film series’, though none with a single story that runs to eight full-length episodes. To have a story like Harry Potter extend over eight films, over ten years, with the same cast literally growing up as their characters is something we may never see again. Producers and financers knew they could pretty much spend carte blanche on Harry Potter films and guarantee getting their money back several times over. This last installment shattered box office records worldwide, with US$169.2 million in US and Canadian ticket sales over the opening weekend. And they’ve yet to truly milk it, with the rest of its cinema run, then DVDs, then special edition DVDs, then 8 film boxed sets.
Amazing as the Potter success is, she’ll always be measured against it and may not be able to write any other stories. Children started reading books with the success of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. They grew up alongside their favourite characters while film stars grew up playing those characters.

Cannot believe that they included the crap epilogue though (it was rubbish in the book and even more rubbish in the movie – with the wonders of CGI surely they could have actually made them look almost 40!) Like you, I have to say that it is the little things that have always bugged me with the series – but perhaps I am just envious! I was really impressed with her storytelling ability, though I have heard from others that the first book was not written all that well. She kept at it though, and obviously improved because the series was fantastic!One of the things I didn’t get about the first movie was how over-the-top simplistic everything was. I guess I can see that, because if she was 7 when they started coming out, then this really does signal the end of her childhood. I know my husband said when he read the Lord of the Rings, he read them throughout this entire teen years and felt the same way when he finished the last book. After all, the best way to finish Harry would be to make a really concerted effort while he was still a kid. There was a lot of time shoe-horned into the series to allow a year to pass with each book, so that each volume is another year of high school and Harry gets to grow up.This is most evident in the last installment, which I like to call Harry Potter and the Interminable Emo Camping.

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