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Enough to post nude photos of yourself on Craigslist and offer to sell your body for a ticket to the theme park?
Er, we thought it was pretty hardcore just to line up at midnight for the Half Blood Prince but clearly that was wrong. All proceeds from the party will be donated to the George Brown College Foundation and Covenant House, so don't feel bad about ponying up a few knuts and sickles (an early bird pass will run you $21.88). Remember, if you can't snag a "train ticket" you can always drown your sorrows in a Shacklebolt at The Lockhart. Freshdaily is Canada's source for hyper-local arts, music, film, fashion, food and news coverage.
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We solemnly swear "Harry Potter" fans are up to no good when it comes to finding plot holes.
Over the years, fans have put together a long list of discrepancies and theories from the books and movies. Now, while most of these plot holes have somewhat satisfactory explanations -- Harry was perhaps too young to have understood what death was at the time his mother died, and, let's face it, whatever dangerous effects there are from time travel are obviously not as important as getting to Muggle Studies on time -- nevertheless, one huge plot hole keeps popping up online, and it may trump them all. The Plot Hole: Why didn't Fred and George notice Peter Pettigrew sleeping with Ron on the Marauder's Map?

Too bad for him there was something called the Marauder's Map, which is a magical document that reveals all of Hogwarts. Bottom line, Fred and George had the Marauder's Map for a long time and didn't notice Pettigrew hanging out with their brothers once?
With all the pranks the twins pulled, we can probably all agree "respecting him" isn't the answer. Fandom website Dorkly even takes it a step further, saying that Fred and George missing Pettigrew was just the beginning.
Even if Fred and George HAD heard the story at some point, why would they assume that the 'Peter Pettigrew’ they occasionally saw moving around the map was, in fact, the man murdered years before?
Rowling also said Fred and George use the map "for their own mischief-making" and there are lots of names on the map, so it'd be easy for a name to be lost in the crowd. The Harry Potter theme park recently opened adn I need to get there but have no possible way of getting there let alone affording the costs that come with the trip such as hotel, food and entry fee.
The event already has 1.8k interested in attending and around 400 RSVPs, so you'll want to get your hands on a ticket ASAP. Published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 (Canada) license.
Some of the most popular include Harry not being able to see the Thestrals sooner, having witnessed his mother's death as a baby, and why the Time-Turner wasn't used to stop Voldemort from doing horrible things instead of just, you know, getting to class on time.

He's the guy that betrayed Lily and James Potter to the dark lord, framed it on Sirius Black, faked his death and then wound up hiding out as the Weasleys' rat Scabbers. This actually led Professor Lupin to discover Pettigrew was still alive in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. How could they not see Peter Pettigrew in the map, with Percy for first two years and with Ron for the next three years? Pettigrew could've probably been seen eating with Ron, hanging with him in the Gryffindor common room or even getting cozy in his dormitory. They also should've been able to see their sister Ginny disappearing into the Chamber of Secrets in the second book and even noticed Voldemort showing up on the map in the first one. You will need to pay for everything that is talked about above and I will pay you in sexual favors in the morning and at night. That's great and all, but the problem is he probably should've been discovered a lot sooner.

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