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While Felton doesn’t have a lot of screen time in Part 1 of The Deathly Hallows, he was still a great interview, as he talked about his feelings on the series ending, what it was like to see the movie the night before, and he told us some great behind the scenes stories. When you look at what you’ve done with the series, do you have one vivid memory that stands out?
Felton: Wow, so many really, it’s like one vivid blurred memory of the last ten years really.
Felton: Well, I guess we were, but we kinda just went back and forth so much and it just seemed like a second home really. I’m curious, hypothetically speaking, what you might have borrowed from the set and taken home? Having grown up twelve years making this, I know not all your cast members plan on continuing to act. Gratefully I’ve been on a couple other film sets in between and I have a huge embedded passion.
Felton: Again, I’m not entirely sure how much I can say, but I can reveal, yes, they are using, as far as I know, motion capture technology and using it in a whole new light. We don’t really see Draco much in Deathly Hallows so what do you imagine his daily routine to be, living with Voldemort? Could you talk a little bit about, obviously Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is coming next summer, have you done ADR on it yet or seen anything?
But actually, the highlight for me was seeing the relationship between the main three, especially with Rupert (Grint).
Are you going to look back on the whole thing as one experience or do you have a stand-out film, because I know number six (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) was really big for your character? Felton: Yeah, great, I mean obviously that’s where we met, so certainly my fondest memories of being at Leavesden. One of the great things about that was we were kinda used to, for a while, these huge A-list actors getting lovely people to fetch their lunch for them.
Felton: Well, I’m reading scripts, trying to find something I can really sink my heart and soul into.
Do you think the challenge for yourself as an adult actor will be to try to find something that will have more of an impact, or as much as an impact, as being “Draco Malfoy” has been for you?
Yeah it was a rather rushed morning to say the least, but hopefully I didn’t embarrass myself too badly this morning. It does all feel like one rather than eight different films or seven different films, whichever way you’re looking at it. You do that stupid thing at 12 years old when you say something and it kind of sticks with you for the rest of your life. It’s really down to David Yates, actually, he really embedded and established a massive passion for filmmaking, not just in front of the camera but also behind it. You’re working with Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire) and you shot that in BC (British Columbia)? It was four days after Harry Potter finished, we said, “Right, let’s go on a bit of a holiday,” my lovely missus and I. These… Ralph or Alan, just for example, they’re lovely charming people and yet when they roll cameras they literally go psycho in front of your eyes.
I saw some set photos that had, it seems like the technology in that movie is pushing forward the motion capture. As far as I know, again, the whole Avatar-style is to shoot it within the realms of green screen and so forth, whereas this is actually taking a physical man and putting him into the real world, if you will.

I say “had to.” It wasn’t a “had to” thing, it was a “did” and pleasantly, because of spending so much time around adults on the set and stuff. It’s really nice, actually, for me, for all of us, to have shared the experience with another, ten other, I still call us kids, I know we’re well past our twenties now so it’s no longer credible.
I noticed that Alan Rickman would be in full Snape uniform, eating food with little kids and all the people would be eating and it was very communal. Alan, one of the people from day one, he would queue up and insist on queuing like the rest of the people and sitting down and clearing his own plate, etc.
It’s a nice thing now, being in a position where hopefully we can find projects that we can really invest our time into, not just on screen but also hopefully behind the screen as well.
We’re actually saying that maybe the chances are in twenty-five years there’ll be remakes, you know the Disney 4D or whatever, and I’ll get to play Lucius. And I’m such an admirer of his work, again not just visually but the sound, the music, it all comes together beautifully.
It was like four days into that they said, “Come home, we need you to go to Vancouver.” So it was a real surprise, it came out of nowhere. James Franco, I’m sure you know is the lead, who is a charming and highly intelligent man and made us all feel very stupid.
The long and short of it is, I work at a primate facility which my dad owns and needless to say I don’t take care of our residents too well. Andy, I’m not sure if you’ve seen him in anything else, but he has a fantastic ability to re-create. All I know is at one point he gets called out, I’m pretty sure he’s supposedly  in his bedroom, I’m not quite sure what he’s doing, but he walks out in a full black suit. He doesn’t bring much fun, doesn’t help with the washing up, so I imagine he (Draco) just sits there terrified all the time. Especially after all…I’ve done three days of junketing, so hearing all the opinions of journalists and so forth, I felt like I was the only one in the dark. I love the improv dance between Daniel and Emma (Watson), to sort of break the tension a bit.
But I’ve started a little independent record label called “Six String Productions” and recorded a couple of tunes and I hope to do some more with some future artists next year. And just actually being on set a lot more and working a lot closer with Yatesy, et cetera, made it a lot more fun. Certainly Daniel, he came in one minute as a child and the next minute he’s speaking like a 40-year-old philosopher. But it’s nice, it’s sort of an unspoken thing we have between each other where we’ve all gone through the same thing together and I think that if we ever needed to seek refuge or find someone who understands it, then it’s nice that we have that. I’ve met a lot of great friends for life in that building and obviously, Jade being the top of that list. And it’s like, “Yeah, we’re fine, we’re fine,” and then when you see everybody you think, “Oh God, I haven’t seen you for so long.” Yeah, it was quite upsetting, but delightful at the same time. Could you talk about whether you brought any young relatives or friends and have them take that in as an outsider, seeing how cool that was?
You literally had a two-foot goblin sitting next to an 85-year-old wizard with a cape round his beard to stop him from spilling soup in it. No, around the end of the first one they said, you know, if this does okay there could be a small chance that we come back for another. And Andy Serkis, obviously plays Caesar, he was one of the most charming gentlemen I’ve ever met. I’m such an admirer, I am an admirer of villains, especially working with so many great ones.

I don’t know what’s more weird, actually seeing Ralph being Voldemort with the wand and everything, or seeing him off set dressed in white with a green cloak, talking about east enders last night, or something like that. But equally, if villainy is where my career takes me then I shall embrace it with both hands, definitely.
And actually, going on that, he was scarier than Ralph converting from a lovely man into Voldemort. And actually, oddly, occasionally miss it but realistically it was a rather alarming look that was kind of a beacon for all Harry Potter fans. It’s much needed comic relief, or not even comic relief, but certainly some sort of relief. I bored them for hours about sets and they were completely uninterested, which is the best way. Before doing the sixth film, it was always a very scary time for me, thinking, “Christ, I’m not gonna pull this off.” And thanks to David, it really embedded a great confidence in me. Certainly in the last couple of years, I’ve really grasped how lucky we’ve all been, not only to be acting professionally but to be acting in such a fantastic project. And actually, singing David’s (Yates) praises, I never thought I’d walk onto another set that had that same atmosphere, because I’m sure you already know and if not you will know, that David is such a lovely, approachable director.  And Rupert Wyatt, who directed the Rise of the Apes so well, he was very much cut from a similar cloth. I mean Alan Rickman and Ralph (Fiennes) are really…it’s taken me a good seven years to pluck up the courage to talk to them and even now I still find them menacing.
Seeing Andy being this charming English gentleman that he is and literally flipping, and turning into an ape, it was really, really scary. This is the third attempt to get the blonde out because the sun keeps bringing it back out again. A couple of friends proposed the idea to me and I thought, “If I don’t do it now, I’m always going to regret it if I don’t,” so, like I said, it’s something I’m very passionate about and hoping to do more with next year.
He is certainly the most learned man, I ever, yeah I think it’s him and Stephen Fry in a world of their own. If they took me to their office I’m sure I’d be dying of boredom as well, so that suits me. It’s funny, when you mentioned children coming down to the studio, obviously there are lots of youngsters that come down, needless to say not all of them are as excited about meeting me as they are Daniel, and rather reluctant to shake my hand and so forth. So I want to go for that experience again, really, where I completely doubt myself and hopefully a director instills some confidence. They certainly never said “We’re gonna make all seven, sign up here on the dotted line.” It was a case of depending on how the last film does really. Wouldn’t you have loved to see the security’s face when they lifted the boot up and saw Daniel lying in the back? It’s very, very different from Draco even if he is still not a pleasant character, in a very different way. I do try my best to try and sway them, but I think the more I try, the more creepy it is.  So, needless to say, I don’t have a huge fan base with the under sevens, but I’ll take it as a compliment.
I have it on my mantelpiece and whenever I feel a bit of withdrawal symptoms I slip it on and get back into Draco.

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