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The Shop is filled with Harry Potter souvenirs, from the most beautiful wands (warning ?32.99 each! Then walk 10 minutes to Euston Station, go through the back to 12 Stephenson Way, NW1 2HD and there you will find the Magic Circle. Time your visit to coincide with a Meet the Magic Circle public event and you will get to see some of the greatest magicians in the land performing close up magic and Stage Magic. Each Friday, I’ll be briefly profiling a specific location somewhere in the world that has been featured in a movie or TV show. I spent my summer traveling around Europe, and saw lots of places that have been used as backdrops for lots of movies. I also saw this when I was at the Olympics, and I have to say that I was a bit disappointed! With Platform 9? and the new Harry Potter Shop plus the Magic Circle Museum, what more can one ask for?

There is half of a luggage cart in the wall by the shop and a sign that says Platform 9? so you can take pictures as if you are disappearing through the barrier. Platforms 9 and 10 aren’t adjacent to each other so platforms 4 and 5 were used instead. While some of the Kings Cross scenes WERE filmed at the actual train station, no secret platform exists between platforms 9 and 10. I kind of wish it’d have been in an obscure place, but when I got there it was lined with belt barriers and there was a pretty long queue! Where should I hypothetically look?” He laughed and gladly pointed me in the right direction.
No pressure though, so if you just want to borrow the props and take your own photos then that is fine too.
You will also be able to look at the Magic Circle Museum which houses the UK’s biggest collection of Magic Props, Books and Posters.

All of my previous Film Friday posts have showcased places that have actually appeared in films. It’s funny because I expected something bigger flashier, or at least easier to find, lol.
The station’s not too great either, although I did appreciate the recently modern look.

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