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Weasley is the surname of a pure-blood family (though the most recent generation has many non-pureblood members).[1] The Weasleys know many other wizarding families, including the Blacks, Prewetts, Longbottoms, Crouches,[2] Delacours, and Potters, as well as the Muggle Granger family.
The family home, known as the Burrow, is located just outside Ottery St Catchpole, in Devon, England. When Harry Potter befriended Arthur and Molly Weasley's youngest son, Ronald Weasley, the Weasleys became a second family to Harry. They were included in the Sacred Twenty-Eight list, published in the Pure-Blood Directory by the 1930s. The Weasleys, unlike many other pure-blood families, willingly associate with Muggles, Muggle-borns, and half-bloods and do not consider themselves superior to others because of their blood status. The Weasleys tended to have large numbers of children; an unusual trait for wizarding families, according to Draco Malfoy[3].
This likely changed with the great commercial success of Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes and the successful careers of various family members. For several generations, only boys were born into the family, until the birth of Ginevra Molly "Ginny" Weasley.[9] This trend ended with the grandchildren of Arthur and Molly, who include more girls than boys. Arthur Weasley, one of three sons of Septimus Weasley and Cedrella Black[10], met Molly Prewett while they attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the 1960s.
Arthur Weasley - previously employed by the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office, head of the Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects as of 1996. Percy Ignatius Weasley - worked at the Ministry of Magic from 1994 to 1998 before reaffirming his loyalty to the Order of the Phoenix; later worked at the reformed Ministry under Minister for Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt. Ronald Billius Weasley - close friend and brother-in-law of Harry Potter; worked as an Auror and in Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes after the end of the Second Wizarding War.

LONDON, England -- Everyone is shocked and outraged over the recent series of school shootings, all of which appear to have targeted girls in particular (though the media seems to be trying hard to avoid acknowledging or investigating this fact). Laura Mallory has been trying to argue to the Georgia Board of Education that the presence of books like the Harry Potter series is to blame for the school shootings — not directly, of course, but because they indoctrinate kids into witchcraft and this creates and atmosphere where violence is possible.
Referring to the recent rash of deadly assaults at schools, Mallory said books that promote evil - as she claims the Potter ones do - help foster the kind of culture where school shootings happen. As Victoria Sweeny, an attorney representing the Gwinnett County Board of Education points out, removing all books that include references to witchcraft or characters that are witches would extend far beyond just the Harry Potter books. Then there is the fact that the Harry Potter books simply aren't about Wicca as it is currently practiced. UnNews Staff "Fundamentalist Christians have been right all along about those Harry Potter books".
All members of the Weasley family are red-haired and Sorted into Gryffindor house upon attendance of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
The Burrow became Harry's home away from home (he only resided with the Dursley family out of necessity), and Arthur and Molly served as de facto godparents in Sirius Black's absence. However, they deplored their inclusion in the list, because they said they had ancestral ties to many interesting Muggles. Thus, elitist pure-blood families such as the Malfoys and the Blacks consider them "blood traitors" and treat them with disdain; Cedrella Black was even disowned by her family for marrying Septimus Weasley[2]. The most recent generations of Weasleys have been considered poor by wizarding standards[6]; their vault at Gringotts Wizarding Bank only contained a small pile of Sickles and a single Galleon as of 1992[7].
They married soon after finishing school and went on to have seven children, whom they loved but did not spoil.

Some, though, are unashamed to be using these tragedies for their own political demagoguery. The two examples she cites are Macbeth and Cinderella, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. J.K Rowling researched Wiccan practices and incorporated a few elements in order to give her books a bit more of an air of reality, but she and Wicca are drawing upon the same corpus ancient traditions and stories so similarities are inevitable. All of those who were of age, except Percy, eventually became members of the reinstated Order of the Phoenix. They certainly aren't a sign that the books work to "indoctrinate" people into Wicca as a religion. What possible connection could there be between Harry Potter and the murders of the Amish girls in Pennsylvania? The Weasleys' views led to their support to the Order of the Phoenix and Dumbledore's Army during the Second Wizarding War. There's no connection whatsoever and that's why I say that Laura Mallory is engaging in a very unethical misuse of these tragedies for her own political purposes. During the height of the latter conflict, the Weasleys were placed under surveillance by the Voldemort-controlled Ministry of Magic because they had been in close contact with Harry, and eventually had to go into hiding. During the battle Fred was killed, deeply upsetting the rest of the family,[5] and his death was enough to make his mother commit murder to save her daughter from the same fate.

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