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There are great school lunch ideas are all over the place this time of year, but it’s always boiled down to the fact that I still have to make it every.
You won't find cream cheese on this pseudo-sushi wrap, but you will find a healthy and flavorful alternative. This lunch is so easy to make and much healthier than the processed and sodium-filled store-bought versions.
These may not be lunch box material, but they are great kid-made after school snacks that you can feel good about.
Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. I saw these little chicks made from your hard boiled eggs on a Google image search for Easter Bentos.  It was super easy to make!
I cut out circles from sea weed paper (which I actually always keep on hand for food decorating). My oldest son started first grade last week and I didn’t realize how excited I was to pack a lunch box for him each day.
Day 1: Turkey, cheese, and spinach sandwich on multi-grain rounds from Costco (these are awesome because they are the same shape as the deli meat and cheese so it makes them a little easier to handle for little kids), mandarin, grapes, pistachios, gogurt, and a few coconut pieces for a sweet treat.

Day 3: Peanut butter and jelly sushi (another favorite), mandarin, carrots, mini bell peppers, string cheese, and a fruit leather for a sweet treat. I am wondering where you got the yellow green and orange cupcake holder looking plastic things you have stuff in.
Melissa Hadfield - I lived in Utah and now in Alaska and my boys have been able to bring peanut butter for lunch in both states. My kids came up with this lunch idea after thinking about some of their favorite foods and this snack made for a perfect lunch. I’m sure my messages are ending up in spam, but I’d love to find a way to get your address so I can mail them to you!! To make the sushi cut the crusts of a piece of bread and roll it out flat with a rolling pin or drinking glass.
For the pb&j sushi, even quicker than using flattened bread is to make them on whole wheat tortillas. Now you might want to ask me how much I love it in a few months, but for now it’s something fun and new and we have both been enjoying coming up with combinations of healthy food. I just forgot about it the night before and had to pick one up at 7-11 on the way to school.

I am blessed to have kids who love fresh fruits and veggies and will eat (or at least try) everything in front of them so these lunch box ideas might not suit everyone, but I hope you can find some inspiration for something.
But this year, I decided to hand the duty over to the kids and get them excited about making their own lunches. We started by brainstorming our favorite simple lunches, followed by a list of ingredients for our grocery store trip.
I took both kids to the store, each with a mini cart, and we walked up and down the aisles in search of our lunch necessities and brought home our loot.
Each day I set the kids free in the kitchen to prepare their lunches and get the tools needed. They did everything from slicing bread to washing veggies and clean-up too, with very minimal help from me.

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