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Elena Noble, MPT is a physical therapist who works in private practice and as a product design consultant for Rifton. Sign up to receive regular updates from our blog to help you provide better care and improve outcomes for the people with disabilities you work with.
My journey with Ben, my 10 week old Irish Setter, has made me realise how much work a puppy really is and toilet training is my main focus with Ben at the moment. Be aware that if you have bought your dog from a pet shop it is generally harder to toilet train them. Toilet training is often the first stumbling block for people with a new dog, and success relies on vigilance, you must watch your dog while they are inside at all times. When your dog is doing a wee or poo say a word that you want them to associate with going to the toilet. Some people like to train using paper, and this is ok if you are happy with it, and it is working for you. Toilet training takes time, and it can be very tiring having to watch your dog all the time. Once your dog shows signs of understanding that they need to go to the toilet outside, you can begin giving them a little more freedom inside. If you catch your dog in the middle of toileting inside or find a surprise waiting for you, do not get upset with your dog, they did not know better. Remember to be vigilant, and set your dog up for success by taking them out to the toilet spot regularly. This entry was posted in Harmony In The Home, The New Puppy Journey and tagged crate training, dog doors, toilet training. A new toilet-training device developed by researchers at the University of Rochester combines a wearable sensor pad, Bluetooth technology, an iOS device and accompanying app to help toilet train intellectually disabled children. Similar to the Huggies TweetPee concept, the device features a disposable sensor resembling a panty liner that fits into the child's underwear, and a Bluetooth transmitter that snugly snaps onto the sensor. If the child does do the deed, they get a reward through a personalized picture-based reward menu on the iOS device (in addition to effusive praise). According to the Rochester University researchers who developed the Quick Trainer, children who've been wearing disposable underwear for years were toilet trained in 45 days or less using the device. Most parents and teachers tackle the problem by scheduling trips to the toilet, rewarding kids when they do go potty but they are stopgap solutions at best.
Mruzek, along with bioengineer Stephen McAleavey, set out to create a wireless wearable sensor system to tackle the problem. McAleavey states that the device can operate at a range of 150 ft (45 m) outdoors and at least 30 ft (9 m) indoors, through walls and doors.
After larger clinical trials, the team plans to develop the technology further to assist individuals with other types of disabilities as well as the elderly receiving care to help them become as independent as possible.

Toilet training in this population is atypical, unpredictable, and time-consuming; no single method is tried and true. My mother keeps telling me about the eight months of hell it took to toilet train my brother which makes me want to give up before we even begin, and friends who tell me about their children asking to be toilet trained convince me I’ve failed at a great many parenting points already. You can catch up with her on Nova’s Drive Show with Tim Blackwell and Marty Sheargold 4-6pm on weekdays. These dogs have been spending their time in a small enclosure, weeing, pooing, eating, sleeping and playing all in the same small space. Such dogs tend to get used to living close to their own excrement. When you are busy doing something else, and cant watch your dog, they need to be in their crate or small confinement area. Take your dog to their toilet spot after sleeping, playing and eating. But, if you put in the hard work now your dog will learn to go to the toilet outside within weeks. These appeasement signals should not be interpreted as guilt, dogs cannot connect a behaviour that has occurred in the past with how you are reacting. I find other web sites aren’t direct enough with how to train your puppy to have good behaviors. Rather than just providing entertainment like the iPotty, the Quick Trainer issues an alert the moment the child starts to pee, so adults can take them to the toilet and encourage them to use it. The sensor pad is made of soft fabric that is embedded with conductive thread that forms a circuit when exposed to moisture, while the Bluetooth module is battery powered and reusable. These rewards can include the playing of a favorite video, YouTube clip, game, song or even the option to choose a picture of a snack they'd like to receive. That's good news for parents of children with intellectual disabilities, autism and Down Syndrome for whom the toilet training process can be a nightmare. It can also monitor several children at once and records the date and time of the accident for follow-up analysis, with parents able to send the data to a clinician via email. An 11 year-old female child with severe intellectual disability began using the toilet without accidents after 40 days and a 15 year old boy with the same condition needed only 26 days. According to the team, even children showing no outward signs of wanting to potty begin to develop clear signals such as rocking, pacing, vocalizing and grabbing the iOS device when they need to go. Initially funded through the crowd funding site, Innovocracy, the project is currently being supported by the Autism Treatment Network. It combines the organization and understanding of bodily sensations with communication, motor planning, and timely task performance.
Even so, regardless of the toilet training method used, certain strategies can help improve results, including the often-overlooked strategy of using prompts. Usually they don’t even like to wee or poo close to where they spend their time living.
If you get your dog from a reputable breeder they will have got the toilet training underway before you even bring your dog home.

Sometimes this can be really subtle, and your dog may just go to the door, move away and do a wee on the floor. I have had workmen in my yard, which, for the time being, has made the garden a no-go-zone without supervision.
If all goes well, they are rewarded with treats to encourage them to head to the toilet the next time the need arises.
So when the child has an accident, a circuit is formed and the Bluetooth module sends a message to the parent's iOS device which sounds an alert and records the incident in a log.
Then there's getting them to sit on the potty and encouraging them to go if they still need to.
If the child has already done their business before making it to the toilet, they are thanked and reminded they'll get a reward next time and the sensor pad is removed and replaced with a fresh one.
A watchful eye doesn't help either since these kids often don't do a potty dance or display any outward signs when they need to go. Additionally, they can manually log and email their child's successful trips to the bathroom. Both had histories of repeated, unsuccessful training attempts and were using disposable pull-ups before using the Quick Trainer. Parents can use these behaviors to initiate potty trips, gradually reducing their child's dependence on the device until they don't need it any longer.
I have prepared a white paper on this topic titled Using Prompts to Improve Toilet Training  for Children with Physical Disabilities. Thank you so much for your articles, I find them so helpful – I will be getting a puppy next week. Fear of potty accidents is a quality-of-life issue for both parents and children that severely affects all their daily activities. Fortunately, the scope of toileting methods is broad and there is lots of good advice available, so most parents eventually discover a method that works for their child. In it I’ve tried to describe the effective use of prompts to shape behaviors and function during the toileting process as a method towards better toilet training outcomes in children with physical disabilities. This may have been the first time they have decided to take themselves out- don’t let them forget they did the right thing.

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