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To start with, you can’t expect your puppy to be fully house trained and fully reliable before he’s six month of age.
There is also the fact that your puppy won’t have adequate bladder and bowel controls before he’s 16 weeks old. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t start house training him the minute he put his paws into your home. One of the key to house training success is being able to predict when your dog will need to eliminate. After meals because the expansion of the stomach will exert pressure on the bladder and the colon. Following a ride in the car (that’s why the first thing you should make sure is to  bring your puppy home to his Elimination Zone.
Feed the appropriate amount — loose stools are a sign of overfeeding; straining or dry stools a sign of underfeeding. Start by selecting a toilet area and always take your Pitbull to that spot when you want him to eliminate. Witnessing the act of your puppy relieving himself outside, followed by playtime, Is perhaps one of the most valuable facets of housetraining. Take your puppy to his toilet area when waking up, shortly after eating or drinking, and after he has played or chewed. A general misconception is that the dog knows “what he did” because he looks “guilty.” definitely not so! Dog’s could become housetrained in spite of such antics, but certainly not because of them.
Until getting the Border Collie I had never really considered the idea of crate training as a tool to help not only with toilet training but for those times when we would be going away to trails or competitions.
The reason I decided to crate train the Border Collie, Cynder was so that she would have a safe space to go to, no matter where we were.
We were pretty lucky in that Cynder was already pretty used to a crate by the time she was 8 weeks old. Dogs by nature will not want to soil the area where they sleep so crate training helps make the process of toilet training much easier and a much quicker process as well. Especially when puppies are young it’s important not to leave your puppy in the crate for long periods at a time. We didn’t really have this issue at all but if your puppy is whining or crying in the crate, try to ignore it, or take them out quietly to the bathroom as they may need to go.

Premium Australian made and owned dog treats with 50% of profits supporting dog rescues in Australia. In other words, he’s not able to “hold it” for long periods so you should be extra vigilant all through that period. But don’t despair, as he grows up he will need to be taken outside not as much as he use to. By feeding and exercising your Pitbull at roughly the same time each day of the week,  he’ll as well relieve himself on the same time every day. The primary sign of not spending sufficient time outside with your puppy is after he comes back inside and has an accident. Housetraining accidents could be simple mistakes, or they can be indicative of a natural problem. He has that look because from earlier experience he knows that after you happen to come across a mess, you become furious at him.
After you come home from work and scream at your dog for having an accident in the living room, you aren’t encouraging your dog to make use of his toilet area. In her online professional puppy and dog training program Dove will guide you through step by step video on how you can train your dog and puppy in a positive, FUN way and off course you will be  getting results IMMEDIATELY. This amazing formula will help remove those smells & odors caused by pet urine and it works as an hidden shield to prevent more violations.
The Beagle, Luna had been trained to use a crate but she wasn’t a really big fan and so it was quickly ruined and only used as a carrier when we travel in the car. As a Blauvelt Border Collie she had already been sleeping in a crate as well as travelling in one in the car. Cynder only ever had one or two accidents in the crate and really learnt quickly that outside was the place to go to the bathroom by making sure that at night we took her out every couple of hours and during the day if she was in her playpen we would take her out once an hour. The maximum I would ever leave Cynder in a crate until she was about 6 months old was about 2-3 hours with a good break in between, when we weren’t at home and she was still staying inside she had her crate to go to, as well as her puppy play pen that she had quite a bit of room to play in as well as her safe space for sleeping.
I didn’t know enough about it when we first got her, besides not quite having the room for a big enough crate to house an eventually full grown Doberman! In fact, if my husband didn’t object, I would buy a nice crate to have setup at all times. A lot depends on your puppy’s size and mostly the hard work you put into house training him. Until he’s 4 months of age, he needs four meals a day; from 4 to 7 months, three daily meals are appropriate. Letting the puppy out by himself isn’t good enough — you have to go with him until his schedule has been developed.
All you’re doing is letting him know that occasionally you’re really kind and sometimes you’re really mean. Your Pit didn’t do it on purpose, and the majority of dogs are just as horrified by what happened as you are.If you catch your dog in the act, sharply call his name and slap your hands.

We planned ahead and got a crate that would be big enough for when she got a bit older as well as having a divider that would make it small enough for when she was a puppy. Cynder really loves her crate, she goes there to sleep, keeps her toys in there (which she will get out one by one to play with) and will also be calm and quiet in there whenever we are at training workshops or if she needs a little bit of a break away from Luna (like when she broke her toe). This was quite handy as the first night she came home we had her in the crate in the bedroom so she would feel comfortable. We taught Cynder to enjoy being in her crate by giving her treats in the crate, as well as some of her toys so that she wasn’t scared of the crate and instead saw it as a place where she could be safe and have fun. My dogs didn’t fuss with their confinement (well, except my airedale who cried for about a week). He hasn’t and can’t make the connection between having made the mess in the first place and your anger.
Swatting your dog with a rolled-up newspaper is cruel and just makes him scared of you and rolled-up newspapers. Formula recipe and you will have an effective pet urination deterrent and pet urine odor neutralizer for just pennies a treatment. Learn how to care for your Pit-Bull today by grabbing a copy of the Pit-Bulls Revealed eBook. When purchasing a crate you should look for one that’s big enough for them to stand up comfortably, turn around and lie down. Cynder also stays in her crate when she comes with me to work, and enjoys it enough to quietly play with her toys or treats until I am able to take her out for a run around or a walk. Being a puppy we knew she wasn’t quite ready to sleep all the way through the night yet so we were able to take her out to the bathroom every couple of hours.
Discipline after the fact is the quickest way to undermine the bond you’re trying to build with your dog. Don’t use any ammonia-based cleaners, because the ammonia doesn’t neutralize The odor and the puppy will be attracted to the same spot. It was worth it though for a comfortable, quiet puppy at night who wasn’t keeping us up with any whining or crying.
When he’s finished, tell him what a clever puppy he is and play with him for a little.  Don’t take him straight back inside so that he doesn’t get the idea that he simply gets to go outside to make his business and learns to delay the process solely to stay outside. If you do punish your dog under these circumstances, it won’t help your housetraining efforts, and you’ll make him wary of wanting to get nearer to you.
Don’t try to drag him out since that will make your clean-up job that much more challenging.

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